Final Week for Matching PS 8 Donations

This week is the last chance to donate to PS 8’s new fundraising campaign challenge, where your donation could either be doubled or tripled. A parent has agreed to make a $20,000 contribution, with one catch: the amount must first be matched by other donors.

Most contributions will be matched 2-to-1, but for first time PS 8 parents who are donating, the rate will be 3-to-1. A secretary at the school said that she couldn’t reveal how much had been raised so far. If you’re looking to make a donation, you can do so at the school’s website.

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  • Laura Mardiks

    This is the most recent PTA update:

    Our wonderful community has stepped up in a huge way for the Matching Challenge, and we thank you. This is the last week to “Meet our Match,” and we have already raised over $22,000. Our donor has not only contributed the $20,000 match, but has added another $5,000 to the challenge. This means if we raise $3,000 by Friday, March 26, he will give us another $5,000, bringing us to $50,000 raised in just one month!

    Please do what you can to support our amazing school.

    Thank you