Park Progress Special: Pier 1 to Open Monday

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

It’s been sitting there–trees, grass, pathways, a pond, and, especially, those gorgeous steps custom-made for lounging and enjoying the view–beckoning to us from the Promenade or the Brooklyn Bridge. At last, word has come that our longing is to be requited. The Pier 1 portion of Brooklyn Bridge Park will be open to the public this coming Monday, March 22. There will be an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, at which planned attendees include Governor Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, Borough President Markowitz, State Senator Squadron, Assemblymember Millman, and Councilmember Levin, at 9:30 a.m., after which, as the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy loves to say, “It’s your park!”

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  • my2cents

    Nabeguy, to me biking is a great leisure activity to be enjoyed without fear of imminent death by cab. Therefore I strongly desire a good bike path in this park where I can ride and in doing so not threaten pedestrians with imminent injury.

  • StephM

    @ nooneof consequence….not nice….I am a tourist and I love your neighbourhood as if I did live there….glad I don’t need directions anymore….;)

  • nabeguy

    My2, I hope the park accommodates your desires, and that their will be a dedicated bike path. But I think that even you would agree that it has to be done in such away that my 8-year old daughter on her Murray 24″ bike is not jockeying for position with someone who thinks they’re on the Tour de France. That’s all I was trying to get across.

  • bklyn20

    There are more PEP officers for this park than there are in all of Brooklyn. Don’t worry about dog leavings — the park is so “over-securitized” that no doubt any dog malfeasance will result in instant arrest. Now if only the litterers, cigarette-butt-droppers and negligent-parents-of-kids-in-delicate-plantings will get the same penalty…

    This park is full of delicate plantings and fenced-off areas — people will be contained on paved paths for much of the park. Beautiful, but too much botanical garden, not enough park.

  • nabeguy

    What, no kids, no bikes, no dogs, no banana-hammock guy? What kind of park is that?
    Claude, take a trip to Fulton Ferry Park if you want to catch a glimpse of
    banana-hammock guy. Trust me, you’ll restrict your viewing to only a glimpse.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    Banana hammock guy is unbelievable. He’s one small strip of fabric away from being naked, and his body is flabby.

  • Sticky

    Bananaboy reminds me of the infamous UES jogger who runs in lingerie.

  • nabeguy

    BKHeightsGirl, thats not even fabric, it’s floss.

  • hoppy


    Ahhh yes, I used to live on the UES some years ago and have crossed paths with “Elegant Elliott Offen”

    I for one cannot wait for the park to open so I can sprint up those steps and punch my fists in the air like Rocky!

  • Andrew Porter

    What you call “banana-man”, the NY State park guys at Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park used to call “Thong Man.” And he is indeed very flabby and, despite all that sun-time, pasty white.

    Maybe he’s a zombie?