Open Thread Wednesday 3/17/10

Flickr photo by sdspl

Flickr photo by sdspl

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  • othersideofthebridge

    There aren’t any laws about musical instruments – just loud noise in general. But my coop specifies no loud music after 9pm. They even specify no vacuuming before 8am which I find really specific.

  • Harry on Hicks

    Why doesn’t Eastern Athletic Club on Clark Street clean up it’s facility?

  • AL


    Why don’t you take a grammar course? “It’s” = It is. “Its” is possessive.

  • laurie

    I second the reco for Treasure Island in Red Hook. I moved my stuff there from Tuck-it-away and got the same space for almost half the price. It’s a much nicer facility too.

  • Claude Scales

    AL: You’re right, of course, but I think you’ll find acting as a grammar enforcer a well-nigh Sisyphian task. I find it daunting, and all I try to do is copy-edit Homer. Apostrophe misuse is one of my pet peeves, probably because it’s so prevalent (and alliteration is one of my weaknesses). For my full-court press on the apostrophe issue, see

  • Joe

    This year the wreaths and xmas decorations are out particularly late. Willow Street has a bunch of dried greens still hanging on doors and handrails. It mazes me that people have the energy to put it up but not the energy to take it down.

  • jorale-man

    Joe is right. On more depressing note, I’ve noticed lately that some of the streets that border Clinton have gotten awfully filthy lately, especially in early mornings when I go out for a jog.

    Remsen between Clinton and Court looks like a war zone with all manner of trash strewn about the sidewalks. The church on the corner of Clinton & Remsen as well as the health food store down the block seem to be particular offenders in terms of not cleaning sidewalks regularly. I realize there’s always going to be some litter on the streets but this seems above and beyond what’s considered normal.

  • justaneighbor

    Harry – inside or outside? Is this something that’s easily fixed? I was thinking of joining there but this may save me the trouble of the tour, etc.

  • rebecca

    does anyone know if cafe on clinton is reopening????

  • Andrew Porter

    The church on the SE corner of Clinton and Remsen is not a church, but a residential coop. Presumably they have a super, though possibly not a live-in one. I think a lot of the trash comes from St. Francis students. Also, the scaffolding put up on the building at the corner when a piece of the facade peeled off (a year or so ago?) collects trash, and the stores are empty.

    A couple of days ago I passed at FedEx truck parked on Clinton while a delivery was in progress. The door to the truck was open and a very Christian radio program was on, extremely loudly. I closed the door of the truck, then told the driver when he returned. He was not pleased. Driver of the truck had a moustache. Anyone here experience anything like this?

  • WillowtownCop

    Boop- my mother had a raccoon in her window well in San Francisco. Animal Control told her to put out a pan of ammonia with some rags in it so it won’t evaporate as quickly. They’ll leave because they don’t like the smell.

  • WillowtownCop

    Bartmann- if you can only hear it in the hallway it isn’t unreasonable. I believe the sound has to be amplified for it to be a summons, too. Generally, for (really) loud music coming from a stereo at night, its a warning, followed by a summons, which may or may not involve the vouchering of the stereo at the officer’s discretion. The problem is, if they refuse to open the door, there’s nothing we can do. It’s not an emergency that would justify kicking in the door. You could sue them in civil court, but not for piano music in the hallway …

  • John C. Wentling

    “Vouchering of the stereo”!?

    Geez Louise, only in NY.

  • Bartmann

    I think someone on this board wrote we are all a bunch of complainers.

    When I was writing my initial inquiry I thought that I should have specified that I was not bothered by the music of my neighbors. As a electric keyboard player myself (I wear headphones so no one can hear me) I was merely curious. In September I will be getting my old Bösendorfer Imperial from Vienna where I had it in storage.

    So when you respond: “if you can only hear it in the hallway it isn’t ‘unreasonable'”, it shows how conditioned we are to expect grumpiness.


  • lifer
  • Matthew Parker

    Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 is opening to the public this Monday, March 22nd!

    Early in the morning there’s an invite only ribbon cutting ceremony with state and city officials, then sometime later in the day the park officially opens for the public.

  • James

    I am still trying to pick up my clothes – yes, they might be smoke damaged – from the Laundromat on Montague that caught fire. Despite the sign on the door, nobody ever seems to be there. Can anyone offer assistance?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Along with the BBP opening on Monday, OZU is opening up on Clark. Yes that makes 3 Japanese restaurants within a half block of each other. Grand opening is offering a 15% discount so that counts me in to try it. I love Japanese and generally take the hike to Hibino on Henry and Pacific a minimum of 3 times a week but if their sushi passes the test…..

    If you get a chance to look in the window, the interior is very impressive. I’ll take good food over nice environment but it doesn’t hurt. I’m not optimistic that I will prefer their sushi over Hibino but I’ll try to taste with an open mind.

    So Monday will be a trip to the BBP along with a visit to the Grand Opening of OZU at 78 Clark. Maybe I’ll bring my camera and provide a review.

    It is great to live in the Heights. Wish the weather would have cooperated better for the opening of the park but life isn’t perfect.

  • No One of Consequence

    “good food over nice environment” = Great Wall

  • WillowSt.

    For the sake of consensus, I agree with AEB: compared to the Upper West Side, the amount of strollers in Brooklyn Heights is nothing. Also, more importanly, the moms in this neighborhood are pretty civilized and rarely use their strollers as steamrollers.

  • HeightsDiva

    Child free zoning for people who don’t like kids or want to be subjected to the screaming would be amazing.

  • nabeguy

    How about intolerance-free zoning for people like HeightsDiva?