Are You Ready to Rock? Yale Women’s Slavic Chrous Plans Free Show Here Friday

Wondering what the sexy signs touting a free concert on Friday are all about? Jim Burns emails us to say:

The Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus will give a one-hour performance of traditional folk songs from Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia and more, song a cappella.

Friday, March 12th at 7:30pm, at Congregation Mt. Sinai, 250 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn (Take the 2 or 3 train from Wall Street to Clark Street, first stop in Bklyn. Walk east on Clark Street 1 block to Cadman Plaza West. Right turn. CMS will be on your right.)

Facebook users can RSVP at this page.

For more on the Slavs, see their home page at

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  • Harry on Hicks

    Looks Hot

  • The Third Man

    I think I would rather read Mein Kampf in a snowstorm, thank you very much. Unless they use jazz hands. Then I will be in the front row.

  • Andrew Porter

    Pretty sure I’ve heard them. They’re very good, wonderful harmonic voices.

    Third Man, your comment is offensive. Go find a bridge to lurk under.

  • member of ysc

    Third Man, you actually have nothing better to do than insult the efforts of a group of college-aged girls? Clearly you have lots of free time; perhaps you should come to our concert!

  • The Third Man

    College aged girls….yes, definitely the sweetest kindest most inoffensive creatures on the planet (did we go to the same school?).

    Please go to nearest convenience store and buy a sense of humor (or find me under the Brooklyn Bridge – Ill give you a deal). Sorry if you can’t deal with a contrarian voice. Too bad we dont live in a world where everything fits in with your POV….it would be GREAT to live in a country like that though.

    AND I did say I would attend if they used jazz hands didn’t I? Its called compromise.

  • nabeguy

    3rd Man, the question really is whether anything fits in with your POV. Sounds like you took a left turn at Gothamist and got lost under the Kosciusko Bridge.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    If anyone needs to find a sense of humor, it’s 3rd man. His statement was pretty unfunny. Maybe he can go write for Jay Leno.