Best Street Open Thread


Cranberry Street has its own festival and is home to the Moonstruck house. Bob Dylan mentioned Montague Street in a song, Truman Capote lived on Willow, Miller on Pierrepont and Mailer's still holding court on Columbia Heights.

What's the best street in Brooklyn Heights?

Comment away! 

Flickr photo by netminder

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  • Rebecca

    I grew up on Columbia Heights, and I walk beautiful Willow and Cranberry Streets often, but there is something really special about “Willowtown,” the block that is Willow Place, between Joralemon and State. It’s a neighborhood within a neighborhood.

  • sue

    Monroe Place is great — quiet, widest street in the neighborhood, and our very own court house!

  • Pineapple

    Does anyone know the back story of the two guys (perhaps twins) that can be seen around the heights wearing identical goggles. They seem to be BH staples….

  • bornhere

    Pineapple- I know nothing about them except that, for the past 30 years or so, we’ve called them “The Goggle Brothers.” I believe they live on Willow Place or west of there (they tend to walk down Joralemon), and they always seem to be speaking a language other than English. It also amazes me that they haven’t seemed to age over the 3 decades, although one of them now uses a cane, I think.

  • Pineapple


    Good to know that they have a place to live. I was always concerned that they were homeless and wanted to help, but didn’t want to presume.

  • CJP

    Saw the Goggle Guys last night! And ironically as I walked by them I was on the phone to my wife and I shouted out “I see the Goggle Guys, I see the Goggle Guys!” I hung up with her to tell them “Hey, you know they’re talking about you on the internet,” a reference to this blog and the fact that there was a posting on here what, six months ago?

    Anyway they seemed pleased by the attention but I’m not sure they had a clue as to what the internet was or what this blog is all about.

    But I had so many questions I wanted to ask them like “who are you guys, where do you live, why do you walk around together, why the goggles, who told you to wear them and why, where do you go during the day?” but then I caught myself and realized that would have been pretty weird to question them like that just outside of Corcoran. I kept on walking and waved goodbye.

    But just in case any of you feel like asking them on my behalf that’s a good place to start.

    Oh and for you non-believers out there there really is a couple of elderly twins who walk around wearing goggles in Brooklyn Heights!

  • Steep

    Columbia Place for its echoes. By the way, why all the police there on Monday night? One officer said they were there looking for Swastikas.

  • Publius


    Unfortunately, we\’ll always have irrational, hateful, and stupid people living in our society. So it never ends.

    It\\\’s up to everyone who values love over hate, civilization over chaos, and pluralism over intolerance to keep vigilant.

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    We\’re naive to think that it couldn\’t happen to our society–though it seems so hard to believe. Many found it hard to believe in Germany.

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