Best Street Open Thread


Cranberry Street has its own festival and is home to the Moonstruck house. Bob Dylan mentioned Montague Street in a song, Truman Capote lived on Willow, Miller on Pierrepont and Mailer's still holding court on Columbia Heights.

What's the best street in Brooklyn Heights?

Comment away! 

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  • amy


  • beth

    I love Joralemon and also Willow Place.

  • Beavis

    I like the off-ramp extention between the BQE and Old Fulton where all the parked cars get vandalized. I particularly like the garbage, rats, broken lamps, and the cars speeding off the highway and not stopping for pedestrians.

  • Billy Reno

    Beavis needs a big group hug.

    Garden Place hands down! And not just because it has the bitchenest trick-or-treating in the world.

  • GHB

    Columbia Heights! Is there a better view in New York?

  • ts

    Grace Court. We have by far the best AA meetings around.

  • No Contest…

    It has to be Columbia Heights facing the Promenade. Killer panoramic views of NY Harbor and Lower Manhattan.

  • Remsen

    Remsen Street by Montague Terrace.

  • Jen

    I live on Hicks, but I think the segment of Willow between Clark and Pierrepont is one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

  • miller


    Not to be out of line, but Mailer has not lived in Brooklyn for sometime. “He currently lives in Provincetown, MA with his sixth wife Norris Church Mailer.” – See personal life.

  • Rudy

    My favorite two blocks are Cranberry between Hicks and Columbia Heights, best seen walking west towards the Fruit Street Sitting Area.

  • GHB

    Miller, you don’t really believe what you read on Wikipedia, do you? Anybody can do an edit, so I don’t really trust them. That said, Mailer still has his Columbia Heights property, though he may spend more time elsewhere.

  • Brooklyn Enthusiast

    I vote for Pineapple. I mean, how can anyone not love an address like Pineapple Street? I just love that section of BH.

  • Go Team Us!

    a little over a year ago I would see Paul Giamatti all of the time at the Hot Bagel place on montague. Does he live in the hood?

    Oh, personlly I like garden pl.

  • GHB

    Go Team Us…Yes he does. I’ve seen him a few times in the last couple of weeks.

  • Teddy

    If I was forced to pick one, I would say Garden Place. However, most streets in the Heights mean something to me since I grew up here. The Heights is more than a neighborhood I just moved to, it’s where I became the person I am today.

  • pbdotc

    whatever street i’m on is the best

    because i am on it

  • fishermb

    Garden Place, I love walking through that block

  • CB Photography

    All good suggestions, but I’m partial to Sydney Place. Despite the butt-ugly construction going on at one house right now and the occasional church fire, it’s a beautiful block!

  • nabeguy

    Gee, Homey, you really like those open-ended questions that arouse territorial pride, don’t you? Given the eclectic nature of the neighborhood, the one true answer is: all of them!

  • yo

    sidney place

  • CF

    I think Paul Giamatti lives on Pierrepont. I saw him come out of an apartment building on that street to smoke the other night.

  • Tim N.

    Every street in BH is cool and unique! (How’s that for wishy-washy?)

    I will root for Columbia Heights, because it is the home of great writers: Mailer and myself. (he he).

    And Mailer spends about 70% of his time in MA, but still owns that place on CH. With his book tour he’s been in town a little more than usual.

  • jonah

    atlantic avenue is unbeatable.

    you can see ellis island!

    if you’re standing in the middle of the street.

    if you like 24 hour ambulances, bar fights and screaming semis shifting gears, this is the place to be!

  • nazimova

    Any street (including Montague) in the 1970’s when Mailer (who ived here Full-Time)…used to come into the Plymouth Bar on Clark St.along with other assorted characters … to include mobsters and actors and of course all the colorful neighborhood people from th St George Hotel Now those were the days..

  • Devyn

    Hmmm, not a single mention of Middagh, one of the most architecturally historic in the Heights.

  • Russ

    Garden Pl hands down. Well, I am biased since I am fortunate enough to live there. Also, Halloween is the greatest holiday, and Garden Pl throws down like no other for it.
    Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that the Heights has many of the finer streets in all the Boroughs.

  • Sam

    I love Poplar Street, not only because I live there, but because it has the beautiful gas lamps. It’s very old New York.

  • Annette

    I love Remsen between Henry and Hicks, with some of the most grand brownstones and the peek of the water as you crest the smallest of hills. Before I lived on Montague Street, I used to live on the blech part of Remsen (across from St. Francis, in the God-awful building with the Sauerbraten sign on it) and I used to walk my two dogs, Bailey & Kahlua, down Remsen Street every morning, all the way to the end, and let them off the leash in Remsen circle… Before my sleepy eyes, the street would literally transform from noisy, crowded, dank, dirty commerical to nicer but still a little rundown residential, then to the quiet calm and drop-dead gorgeous mansions, capped off by the world’s most stunning view. Ohh…how I miss that view.

  • val

    Garden Place! For Halloween, and flower boxes.