What’s Up at the Bossert?


This just in from BHB pal Chuck Taylor (Brooklyn Heights’ resident Celine Dion expert… watch him this week on the Biography Channel talking about Shaun Cassidy….):

Took this pic today at the bossert… within the past couple days, they’ve installed hideous industrial tape across the entrance step… because some idiot must have tripped and now they’re afraid of a lawsuit… so now this beautiful historic destination looks like home depot… or worse, the scene of a gruesome crime…

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  • nabeguy

    They’re just making sure that potential investors don’t break their necks before they get to see the place.

  • jorale-man

    Well, they should know a little something about people showing up doorsteps.

  • my2cents


  • Tony

    Where’s Landmarks and BHA on this? Outrageous.

  • john

    If and when the Bosset is converted to condos and we have Love and 20 Henry to also be sold, the amount of real estate to hit the Brooklyn Heights market could be huge (at least on a relative basis). Makes one thinks why co-op prices are still remaining solid. Could be trouble ahead!

  • http://cranberry's jimbo

    I may not agree with practices of watchtower, but over 30 years of being in the heights, I think they improved the area with their buying and renovating their
    properties and now that they are planning on leaving they leave behind
    properties that are in excellent shape, not run down ones. I also believe that
    the ones appearing on your steps were not the ones that resided here. I think?

  • Andrew Porter

    The Bossert was never residential; it was a hotel for visiting JH’s.

  • anon

    Not residential but there are six rent controlled/stabilized presently residing there. Can you explain that apparent contradiction? Perhaps they are hotel patrons that don’t want to leave but this may be a stretch. I believe the best way to refer to the Bossert is that it was an apartment/Hotel. Basically, a combination.

    Kinda like the current Plaza Hotel in NY City except the residential portion was rental at Bosseert and the Plaza residential portion is condo.