Open Thread Wednesday 3/3/10

Heights Blizzard II-Columbia Heights

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  • anti-smoker

    the neighbor below me smokes, and it makes my apartment reek like cigarettes (it comes through the heating unit) are there tenant rights that i have to a smoke-free environment? i have written several letters to my landlord, with no answer.

  • Teddy


    As far as I know the city can’t help you…yet. Unfortunately at this time it’s between you & your landlord. I spoke to my landlord once about it when a smoker moved into the apt. below me. He said the tenant had the right to smoke and I answered back “and you have the right to make money”. He smiled and said damn right. In other words, he doesn’t have to live with it so who cares about the non-smoking tenants in the building. The same reason you’re not getting a reply to your letters.

    Thankfully, the guy had to move back to Japan for family reasons two months later. That was several years ago and the two tenants who moved into that apt. since were non-smokers. Now it’s available again and I’m nervous that a smoker may move in. There are 12 other tenants in my building and none of them smoke. I hope it stays that way. Maybe someone here knows something I don’t. I would appreciate some advice myself…just in case.

  • AEB

    From an article in the current “New Yorker” about shopping in Brooklyn:

    “…I behooves me now to apologize to Brooklyn Heights, a place so picturesque that even diehard Brooklynphobes think, This isn’t so bad, and if I get scared I can practically touch the Manhattan skyline. Yes, Brooklyn Heights, you were the first district in the city to be protected by New York City’s Landmarks Law, and yes, you were home to Norman Mailer, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Whitman, and ‘The Cosby Show”s Huxtable family, but honestly. you feel more like Beacon Hill in Boston, than like a part of New York City, and what’s more, your shopping stinks….”

    The appraisal in its entirety. Fair or foul?

  • Fritz

    I think they took down the tree lights on Montague street. Too bad. One improvement of the area that no one complained about.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Opening Reception March 4, 6-8pm Superfine 126 Front Street Dumbo Brooklyn

    Original Picture Book Art Exhibition – Selina Alko, Miriam Cohen, Pat Cummings, Melanie Hope Greenberg, Aileen Leijten, Meghan McCarthy

    *Miss Brooklyn 2009, Keelie Sheridan is joining us*
    A part of Dumbo’s First Thursday Art Walk open gallery night

    March 2010 WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION: Brooklyn Honors Local Artists and Literature. 6 Author-Illustrators, 3 Bookstores and a Gallery.
    Celebrating Brooklyn’s professional women who leave an historical record in the field of children’s literature and the merchants who bring their books to the community.
    Book Court * Greenlight Books * P.S. Bookshop * Superfine.
    Full Schedule of All Bookstore Events:

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I forget to mention the exhibition is up from March 2-14. Superfine is also hosting the Brooklyn Winter Hoedown with live music all weekend March 5-7. Hope to see you there.

  • harumph

    Melanie, Melanie, Melanie….so tired of your stuff.

    @Fritz – I minded the lights – I thought they looked so odd how they only picked a tree here and there, and the blue lights were not so pleasing, in my opinion of course.

  • bhmom3

    AEB, I haven’t read the article yet, but since moving here from the UWS I have always said that there is no place to buy anything decent to eat. As for other shopping, I am still waiting for a place where I can get a simple t shirt or other basics for my kids.

  • Wallard

    @ harumph – Don’t you think you’re being a bit harsh. This is a blog dedicated to DUMBO picture book art exhibitions, isn’t it?

    @bhmom3 – I guess you should have moved here earlier, when you could have patronized the Montague St Gap. There are lots of great kids clothing stores in Park Slope, the UWS, and New Jersey, right where they belong.

  • x

    There is a kids store on Atlantic Ave between Henry and Clinton.. not sure if it sells clothings tohugh

  • nystrele

    tenants rights to a smoke-free environment? what about my neighbors downstairs that cook fish every sunday? what about my next-door neighbor whose toddler screams so loud i can hear it through the walls? what about the woman above me who wears high heels over my bedroom late at night? or the dude across the street who watches porn on his widescreen plasma that i can clearly see out my front window?

    it’s called CITY LIVING. anti-smoker, maybe you’d be happier living in an abandoned field in south dakota. give me a break…

  • my2cents

    AEB – Fair portrayal, though Beacon hill feels even more exclusive that the Heights.

    Harumph – It’s an OPEN THREAD. Melanie can post whatever announcements she wants here.

  • harumph

    @x – I think you are talking about Mini Max Toys and Cuts – no clothing

    @bhmom3 – you can get many basics for little kids (toddler and younger) at Heights Kids – they sell clothing as well as gear and toys but if your little one is older than, say 2, well, then you are out of luck in the nabe for clothing

  • AEB

    Alas, my2, we even loose on the issue of exclusivity, it appears.

    And speaking of not being able to win for losing, here’s Mr. Sifton in today’s Times on Bread and Butter:

  • ABC

    That entire NYer piece was great. So many interesting places!

  • nelson

    To all:
    Has anyone had experience moving long distance and if so can recommendations be made for a careful, insured mover?
    Must make a long distance move (1 bedroom apt contents) to Portland,OR sometime this summer or fall.
    Thanks for any helpful advice.

  • anti-smoker

    wow, someone is EXTRA cranky this morning.
    i understand perfectly what it means, this “urban living” every living situation has it’s drawbacks, but i pay a lot of money to live in this hole, and i don’t think breathing clean air is too much to ask. hope barking at me made your day just a little bit better.

  • AEB

    And Willard re harumph: you’re very wicked, indeed! So I’ve reserved a (virtual) place for you right next to (virtual) me.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Say what you want. I was personally given the permission to post my announcements by the blog owner after the last battle. Take it up with them. Seems to be many battles on this blog without my posts. I take no responsibility for bullies. I feel sad for them because they are cowards that must hide behind phony names, that’s the only way they can talk tough.

  • C.

    What is up up with all the vacancies on Montague? It’s depressing. I feel like we need a running thread just on the vacancies. Don’t know if I have em all off the top of my head here:

    Korres – ground floor
    the place next to Five Guys – second floor
    the place next to Dashing Diva – ground floor
    the haircut place across the street next Banana Republic – second floor
    the former greek place that’s been vacant for years now next to Buon Gusto -ground fl.
    I think maybe one of the places down near hicks by Lantern is vacant
    Seems Wamu is getting replaced by City-Chemist? But that’ll be closed in 6 months

    What’s up with all the vacancies?? Can’t we get anything in these places?

  • Montragrue

    C. I saw a table saw and a worker in Mr. Souvlaki the other day. I believe a Montague tenant closer to Hicks is moving into the Hair Profiles space. How about the space that was most recently Sleepy’s, above Starbucks? Seems to me that would be a great internet lounge…

  • AEB

    I suspect, Melanie, that not all, if any, nay-sayers on this blog are “cowards who hide behind phony names [as] that’s the only way they can talk tough.”

    But that’s just one (occasional) nay-sayer’s opinion.

  • enough with the dog poop

    i actually cannot believe i’m posting about DOG POOP, but the recent proliferation of it on the sidewalks here in the neighborhood is blowing my mind. i know it gets bad around winter, but it seems even worse than last year! i’m a dog owner, and have curb-trained my dog and ALWAYS make sure to clean up his mess – rain, shine, or snow. it’s part of owning a dog! these lazy idiots who let their pet just walk down the sidewalk pooping and not bothering to clean it up so people get it on their shoes and then track it further down the sidewalk are giving conscientious owners a bad name. also: it’s a $250 ticket, and a health hazard!

    PICK UP YOUR DOG POOP! it’s not that hard. sheesh.

  • Billy Reno

    Ouchie review for B & B! What’s next? A Health Dept. closing?

    I’d like to make a motion to start a Men’s History Month. Stay strong, my brothers, we will have our day!

  • melanie hope greenberg

    @AEB: Some neighbor. Please pass my posts and I will gladly do the same. I don’t care what you think. I asked that you pass my posts the last time this happened. So in front of all these people…show some respect for my wishes. The nasty edge energy and bickering is sad and looks foolish from grownups. Great way to endorse a neighborhood, NOT.

  • AEB

    Melanie, if you’re reading this, I don’t believe in allowing bad feeling to remain if it can be avoided.

    So I’m extending a virtual hand in the hope that you’ll take it and so we can both move on.


  • No One of Consequence

    I think Melanie’s post this time is fine. What I take exception to is turning a response to another post into a publicity stunt.

    Call me for Anger Management Counseling and Marketing and Communications Consults: 718-555-9371

  • Doctor Blog

    Tempers, tempers. It seems we are all just a bit Vitamin-D deficient these days. Take two calcium chews and blog me in the morning.

  • Heights

    Why is it always the same houses that don’t shovel after a snow fall? 161-163 Hicks St., what’s up?

  • Tony

    What do you all think of chimes? A neighbor down the block from me put them up a few months ago, and I find them maddening. The banal cling-a-ling-a-ling all the time makes me want to rip my hair out. I think it’s rude for people to hang up chimes in densely populated areas. What’s lovely and soothing to some people is insipid and annoying to others, namely me.