New Neighbor: Something at 139 Atlantic

Photo by ejcory

Photo by ejcory

BHB pal @ejcory tweets this pic adding “Another interesting new retail shop on Atlantic Ave. That strange always vacant storefront next to Floyd.”

The store which appears to be called 139 @tlantic promises “fair trade coffee, live entertainment, interesting furniture, contemporary artifacts and a unique atmosphere.”

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  • Teddy

    It sounds like an alternative to Tazza.

  • Andrew Porter

    Exotic teas that we can’t get at Sahadi’s and Two for the Pot? Not to mention Trader Joe’s and about half a dozen Middle-East oriented places within a block or so….

  • jorale-man

    Well, if it’s a coffee shop-like place, it would be a welcome addition to the area. Right now there’s only Tazza, that place in Willowtown, and a couple Starbucks. Especially since the Tea Lounge never happened, something with live music could fill a nice niche here.

  • Reggie

    Isn’t “contemporary artifacts” an oxymoron? What? It is, but it’s intention … in a post-modern way? Crap, I am getting old.

  • hicks st guy

    wish it were on Montague, instead of the damn chain dumps.

  • bklynnate

    @ hicks st guy amen brother. amen.

  • No One of Consequence

    What’s a “Neightbor?”

    (Hey, with this site and all the Yassky-isms… y’never know)

  • Claude Scales

    “Neightbor” is the sound of your copy editor falling down on the job. I think I burned out on changing “snowpacalypse” to “snowpocalypse”. By the time I got to “snowacaine” (“caine” being the suffix for a whole other kind of snow), I gave up.

  • my2cents

    I hope it does well! Wish it were closer to my house…on Henry for example.

  • C.

    Well this will fail quickly. Was always wondering why this spot never got anything in it. Hopefully a new restaurant or bar will replace it quickly. I love the old saloon look of the front entrance. Hope they leave that.

  • jorale-man

    I agree with those who lament the situation on Montague but Atlantic seems to have a lot of empty real estate these days and it would be nice to see some more business. This sounds perfectly in keeping with the look and feel of the storefront. I wish them all the best with it.

  • Billy Reno

    Awesome! It’s just around the corner from me!

  • Remsen

    Atlantic prob has cheaper rent

  • ccy

    I think this is a Crop to Cup location. Basis Foods is listing this on there website as a pickup location for CSA food.