Behr Mansion Up for Grabs


The Herman Behr Mansion, which at some point in its long life was used as a brothel, is up for sale the Brooklyn Eagle reports

A Brooklyn Heights mansion with a somewhat checkered past is available for sale.

Known as the Herman Behr Mansion (named after the industrialist who built it for his family), and with an address of 82 Pierrepont St., it is a familiar local landmark that wraps around the corner of Henry and Pierrepont streets.

It is now a multi-family residential building with 26 rental apartments, according to Sandra Dowling of Brooklyn Heights Real Estate and Dowling Realty Group, who has the listing.

The minimum offering price is $12 million, said Dowling, who has been the exclusive leasing agent for the owners since 1990.

Flickr photo by dphetteix

Thanks to BHB Newshound Jordan for the tip.

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  • Claude Scales

    As I recall (I think I read this in Clay Lancaster’s Old Brooklyn Heights, but I don’t have my copy handy), the Behr mansion was for a time a monastery, either before or after its tenure as a house of ill repute called, I believe, the Palm Hotel.

    I love the Richardsonian romanesque style of architecture, of which this is one of several fine examples in the Heights. Another is the former Hans Isbrandtsen house on Remsen just west of Henry. I believe an architect named Freeman, who was evidently a student or admirer of Richardson, was responsible for these buildings.

    I hope whoever buys the Behr mansion considers replacing the ugly metal awning over the main entrance with something more like what must originally have been there, e.g. a canvas awning.

  • Anonymous

    Frank Freeman was the architect. He also designed the Crescent Athletic Club building on Pierrepont and Clinton (St. Ann’s) and the cool Romanesque Revival firehouse near Sid’s Hardware.

  • Bean

    This has to be one of my favorite buildings in the neighborhood. Is there any way to get a tour?!

  • GHB

    Ah! The Best Little Whorehouse in Brooklyn! Love the building, but I hope they remove that majorly fugly awning. I’m guessin’ it was added on pre-Landmarks.

  • Annette

    26 apartments??? Really? Actual apartments? Or SRO’s?

  • Joy

    They’re actually apartments. I live in one of them. Every apartment is different.

  • Elle

    Herman Behr made his fortune in ruby sandpaper which is approximately the same color as his mansion.

  • Lou Valentine

    I am A VERY long term resident of the Behr mansion. And to answer the question Annette so delicately posed, YES dear, we do live in real apartments, not cubbyholes or rat warrens! With nice high celings! And GHB, yes, sadly, I agree with you that the awning”s cringe factor is major. I’ve been trying to do something about it for years but all ny pleas have fallen on deaf ears! Try calling the new owners(Fine Times, Inc.) and see if they have any plans to do anything about it! Let’s make a grass roots effort to beautify the Behr!