Ricky’s Move to Nabe is Historic

The New York Sun has a great piece in today's edition about the opening of Ricky's NYC on Montague Street:

New York Sun: In Symbolic Move…:Two weeks after opening his first store in Brooklyn, the founder of the costume and cosmetics store Ricky's NYC said he is planning to open three more in the borough in the near future.

"I never in a million years thought there was any place to be other than Manhattan," Ricky Kenig, 45, said. "Twenty years later, Brooklyn is booming. We are evolving by listening to our customers, and they are out here, too."

He's moving more than just his stores into Brooklyn: Mr. Kenig recently relocated his family into a brownstone on 8th Street and Seventh Avenue.

The arrival of Ricky's is more meaningful than a national chain moving in, brokers said.

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  • bhb reader

    His “out here” comment ticked me off. Yes, dude, those of us “out here” are intrigued by your overpriced useless crap for sale now at Ricky’s… who wouldda thought that the hicks “out here” even had enough of a clue to get themselves in there. Now, this resident of “out here” walked through the overpriced place once with my 5-year-old and was asked, “Mommy, what’s this?” to a pack of “I heart my Penis” chewing gum, and that was enough for me! Keep your expensive junk “in there!!!”

  • Truth Williams

    It’s great to see your toddler picking up on irony early. That will him/her during those uncomfortable years at Packer.

  • http://http:www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    I’m looking forward to waking up with glitter make-up caked on my pillow.

  • Ish

    Get your heart on brother!

  • xy

    the prices are high, but they do have an impressive selection of products, especially hair-care and moisturizers.