Open Thread Wednesday 9/12/07


Another week another OTW:

Only thing on our mind is the debut of Homer Fink's Family Fist of Fury at Magnetic Field tonight at 8pm.  Get there at 7pm to sign up your "family" for this Family Feud-ish game show.  

And lots of stuff to talk about: price slashedon 135 Joralemon, Giant Rat on Montague, small crowd remembers 9/11 on Promenade … and whatever you'd like to bring up.

Comment away! 

BHB Photo Club pic by dietrich via Flickr 

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  • Ish

    The house on Joralemon is nice but not 5 million smackers nice.

  • LCD

    I, too, was surprised how few people were on the Promenade last night – mostly photographers, it seemed. What was really depressing was seeing 3 people, whose open-doored car was half pulled over on Midaugh St, laughing and hamming it up taking pictures of each other in front of the mural on the fire house there (which was closed when I walked by) –

  • Lee Greenfeld

    It was quite packed when I went down there around 9PM-ish. I must say that the sight of people smiling and taking photos in front of the beams of light made me sick (same thing happened the first time I went down to Ground Zero). It’s like going to auschwitz and posing in front with a smile. I just don’t understand people.