Giant Rat on Montague Street

The giant inflatable rat used by unions to "inform the public" about non-union worksites is currently making an appearance on Montague Street the Brooklyn Eagle reports:

Failure to have a standpipe in readiness caused a stop work order to be issued against the owner of the former Franklin Trust building at 166 Montague St. a handsome century-old 10-story building being converted from office use to 33 dwelling units, according to Department of Buildings records. Standpipes supply water for a structure’s internal firefighting system.

A giant balloon-like gray rat was inflated in front of the building at the busy intersection of Montague and Clinton streets by picketing members of Local 79 Construction and General Building Laborers on Monday, although the building’s glass door panels were covered with newspapers and there appeared that no work underway.

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  • Bklyn Native

    You should see the real giant rats that scurry around on garbage night in the north Heights.

  • nabeguy

    BN, I’ve seen them too. Any clue as to where they’re coming from? I bag and can my garbage, but have still seen the not-so-little guys scurrying around my garbage area.

  • yo

    While an inflatable rat often marks the site of a non-union job, you can identify union jobs by a crowd of overweight men smoking and drinking coffee while watching one poor SOB work

  • fishermb

    Is there any info online about the condo units? I’ve noticed work going on for some time but doesnt seem much progress is being made. Would be curious to see if floorplans or anything like is being made available