What’s New at the WaMu? City Chemist!


A couple of folks have written us asking what’s going on at the old WaMu at Henry and Montague Streets.  “DB” writes:

For the first time in a year, there were some people in the old Washington Mutual at Montague and Henry.  Looked like they were taking measurements. Any word yet on what could be going there?

We’re looking into it, but do you know? Comment away!

Update: Nancy writes: “big sign on the  Henry street side that says  “CITY CHEMISTS coming soon.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Family owned and operated since 1978.”

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  • Montragrue

    There’s paper with signage up in the windows this morning… “Family owned” drug store or something like that. If only it could revert to its former structure: http://tinyurl.com/yecn757

  • NAancy

    City Chemists-I haven’t located a website or anything on them though

  • Victor

    great…we need another drugstore in the area? CVS, Walgreens, 2 Duane Reades…

  • Matthew

    Since you taking requests, Homer: any chance you could see what’s going on with supposed Deli/Dinner coming in to the former F. Martinella (the “F.” stood for fail) space on Court b/w State and Schermerhorn?


  • Matthew

    *Since YOUR taking requests
    *Supposed Deli/DINER


  • Eddy

    There used to be a diner in that spot on Montague and Henry …. The King George Diner… and The King George Pizzeria and the King George Ice Cream Parlor….. back in the 70’S… after school snack, a slice of pizza and a fountain soda for 35 cents….

    I agree we don’t need another drug store… FYI: If you stand in the plaza in front of Borough Hall you can see three Duane Reade stores from one spot… enough already…

  • Remsen

    The residents of Brooklyn Heights are not the main shoppers of Brooklyn Heights…hence another drugstore

  • Eddy

    Remsen, Really, ya think? why would anyone come here to shop at a drugstore… the entire city seems to be peppered with them… In general, I don’t think the Heights is that great a location for retail, hence even chain stores don’t seem to last here…

  • Eason

    i think the dodgers should move back in…

  • Eason

    ha oops wrong bank

  • lisa

    agreed another drug store in the area seems a bit much,but if i had a choice to go to a family owned or a chain i would prefer a family owned. cant stand the service in the chains always have to wait an hour or so for my prescriptions or when i call them they have me on hold for 45 minutes before i can speak to a human and when i do get someone on the phone its very hard to understand them because of the heavy accents. and try to get someone in the store to help you find something, nobody cares…hopefully these people in city chemists can take all that nonsense away…..

  • AEB

    How about…how about…a patisserie? I know: I dream. (Therefore, I am. Sort of.)

  • steve


  • steve


  • Heights Low

    Matt – It’s “you’re” not “your”

    Double sigh.

  • The Where

    CAPS are shouting which either makes you rude or old.

  • AEB

    So, Where: the old invariably SHOUT? Like THAT?

  • x

    How about a dessert cafe?

    Lessens and Henning has good cakes but they don’t have a cafe.

    Neither CT muffins or Starbucks are good dessert places

  • Michelle

    I took my baby out yesterday and saw the signs going up for city chemist , and i actually ended up speaking to one of the owners who was standing outside, this is definetly not going to be your average or typical drugstore. It is going to be more like a boutique pharmacy that will be carrying alot of unique items such as jewelry, gifts, handbags, clothing, high end cosmetics,skincare & perfumes. they are going to have a spa doing facials and massages etc and an on site cosmetician ..they have other locations on madison ave, and a few other upscale neighborhoods.. they have been around for years its family owned and operated..I am very excited about it because they will be delivering and its going to be alot easier not to have to come out in bad weather to pick up my childs medicine! this is really going to be a one stop shop! much needed in this area..welcome to the neighborhood city chemist and GOODLUCK!

  • Eddy

    @X, funny after the above mentioned “king George” establishments closed an Italian desert & espresso cafe occupied that spot for a few years…. only to be replaced by the ill fated Waldenbooks….

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh groan…. just what we need another “chick-store”

  • steve

    So far all the people on this site seem to know best and what should be on Montague, but sit behind a screen to just comment. Maybe all of you should find a spot on the street and put these good ideas you have and turn them into reality. And by the way I am not rude or old my family lost a mom and pop business last year to these big chains who don’t care about nothing but the money.. So who ever tries something GOOD LUCK

  • nabeguy

    Hey Arch, maybe they’ll sell condoms too. Steve, it’s not reality that’s the problem, it’s realty. Sorry to hear about your family loss, but it’s the landlords that drive the commercial market…the chains simply have the money to throw at it.
    Despite the obvious overlap, this sounds like it may be a great addition to the neighborhood…think Kiehl’s or Bigelow’s.

  • my2cents

    Will they sell pet furniture?

  • AEB
  • bornhere

    Eddy — Can you describe the cafe a bit better I definitely remember the hamburger place and, of course, Waldenbooks, but the Italian cafe is totally escaping me.

  • nabeguy

    BH, you don’t remember the King George? I don’t recall the diner, but the pizza parlor definitely stands out in my memory, and that expanded to the ice cream parlor next door.

  • bornhere

    Nabe — I do remember King George, but then I’m lost. I can’t remember a diner (maybe because I was so devoted to The Promenade) or a pizza place or an ice cream parlor. And the Italian cafe, which now sounds so neat, is a total loss for me. God — what WAS I doing in the 70s?? I hate not being able to recall this stuff. I keep thinking that because I remember Parker’s Drugs on Henry and Clark, I’m the Princess of the Past. But I guess that all I can do is hang my tiara-adorned head in shame….

  • Eddy

    The diner part was called the King George Coffee Shop, which was on the corner, progressing up Montague towards Clinton, was the KG Pizzeria and then the KG Ice Cream Parlor…. all in the same building… The Italian cafe took over the corner spot, and as I recall may have occupied the space of the pizzeria as well… I cannot remember the name of the joint but I do remember a lot of Carrera marble and brass… It was there for only a couple of years…

  • Eddy

    Thinking more about the espresso joint… I remember the place was run by a very Bay Ridge-esque family…. which didn’t assimilate well into the then, bohemian Heights….