Brooklyn Women’s Exchange Featured on Brooklyn Independent TV

This is the second in a series of short pieces that Brooklyn Independent Television made recently about Heights people and institutions (disclosure: your correspondent’s wife volunteers at the Exchange and is one of the speakers in this piece). The Exchange is located at 55 Pierrepont Street, between Henry and Hicks.

There’s more to come in this series.

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  • AAR

    Thank you BIT! The Women’s Exchange has gift items (hand crafted and manufactured) not available in any other shop in Brooklyn Heights. It is a local treasure and unique in being staffed by volunteers. The WE is somewhat disadvantaged by being on Pierrepont, off the main shopping drag; it is deserving of the support of the BH community.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Excellent. This shop has supported my books for years. Nice to see them get props.

  • bklyn20

    Important note to all parents of girls aged 5 to 15: The last time I was in there, The Women’s Exchange had very nice outfits for American Girl dolls, and generally at a lower price than those at the American Girl store. By getting the outfits at the Women’s Exchange, you are supporting a worthwhile local institution. You can then avoid the trip to the 5th Avenue American Girl store and its frenzied atmosphere. (For the uninitiated, unless you get there at opening time, and if it’s not the holiday season, the place is always packed.)

    Make sure that you have established a rationale for why the WE outfits are better than the official American Girl clothes –“hand-made,””helping others”… you get the idea.

  • Andrew Porter

    Every time I think about going in, I’m going somewhere else. And during the summer, I think they close for a couple of months. So in 40 years in BH, I’ve never been inside. Weird…

  • BRIC’s BIT

    Wow! Thanks so much for giving Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Neighborhood Beat” so much love! We’re so very glad that you’ve been posting our Brooklyn Heights segments and get a kick out of seeing them here. Whoo hoo!

  • Sandra Leland

    I loved the video. My sister-in-law, Roberta Smith, is very involved at the Exchange. if she’s not at home, I usually get her at the Exchange. Our family has received numerous wonderful gifts from there, and I always want to go to the store when I visit the Smiths in Brooklyn, but I don’t get there often, as we live in California.