Open Thread Wednesday 2/10/10

Flickr photo by Symietz_Andreas

Flickr photo by Symietz_Andreas

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  • my2cents

    Is that photo from the future?

  • Kim G.

    I love SNOW!!!

  • alex

    Moderators — Please delete this posting if it violates any of your rules, but I’m leaving the Heights b/c I need to move to DC for work; my landlord has been nice about letting me out of my lease so long as I show my two-room studio on Columbia Place to others. If you know of anyone looking for a cheap place, here’s the info:

  • Annoyed

    I walked out my door this morning expecting to see some nice fresh snow. Instead I was greeted by a fresh pile of dog do. I’ve noticed that many dog owners use the snow as an excuse not to pick up after their pets. Well guess what; when the snow melts the dog do is still there. Please be considerate of others.

  • othersideofthebridge

    you need a copy of someone’s social security card to rent an apartment? since when?

  • AEB

    Since awhile, otherside–though the need to show the card itself isn’t an invariable requirement, I’ve found. (Not sure whether showing a card is a NYS requirement–it IS in some states.)

    Bottom line is the need to run a credit check, for which an SS number is necessary.

    And Alex, I’ll miss your posts–assuming you depart the site as well as BH…

  • kd

    I’m working from home today… Any quick recs on where I can go for a free wifi connection and a somewhat comfy chair?

  • othersideofthebridge

    Hmm, odd. My coop board asked for a million and one things to get into the building but a copy of my SS card was not one of them. Just having a valid # should be good enough. I’d feel more comfortable flashing a copy of my card in person over photocopying it actually. Otherwise, why don’t they ask for a copy of your birth certificate while they are at it?

  • Alex

    @otherside — My SS card is actually in the Midwest with my parents, so I really doubt I showed it when I got in the building; it’s probably one of those things they request but don’t require. Who knows.

    @KD — Iris Cafe!!! It’s on Columbia Place and opened a few months ago. It’s totally lovely and everyone should help keep it in business. Delicious baked goods and there’s always an open table to settle with your computer and take advantage of the WiFi. Plus, you can watch the snow out the big windows. I’m jealous you’ll be there and I’ll be at work.

    @AEB — Thanks! I’m sad to leave the Heights — it’s been my favorite of all NYC neighborhoods I’ve lived in, hands down — but am excited about the adventures ahead. (I’m joining the Foreign Service.)

  • Heather

    Hey there – I’m trying to find out if there’s a singles scene at any of the BH supermarkets or grocery stores. For professional reasons (my website) and, what the heck – I’d love to know myself. Is Gristedes hotter than Key Food? Is it worth getting dressed up to go to Peas & Pickels? (I doubt it, but never hurts to ask.) Many thanks!!!

  • Alex

    A singles scene at local grocery stores? Ha. No. Nothing like that at all — at least not that I’m aware of.

  • my2cents

    Oh Heather…you made my day with that question.
    Singles scene? Brooklyn Heights?? Grocery stores???
    I think the only eligible singles to be found in our nabe’s grocery stores are the coupon-clipping grannies in Gristedes. Though I’ll admit I have shared a few awkward glances with Coeds by the beer case in Peas and Pickles.

  • othersideofthebridge

    I meet all the hot mamas at the irregular clothing bin at Filene’s Basement ;)

  • nicesmile

    visit Brooklyn Historical Society on Fri. and Sat.(crafts show). you might be lucky to meet artsy singles there.

  • hoppy


    Very funny. You made me think of the Animal House scene with Otter and Mrs. Wormer–

    “Mine’s bigger than that…….My cucumber, I mean.”

  • Heather

    Either grannies or co-eds? Sounds great! Guess that’s why I haven’t met a sensitive rogue at Montague Bagels yet. Maybe I should expand my reach beyond food places, or the blog post will be: Move to Greenpoint. The end.

  • AEB

    No one in BH of either sex is eligible, Heather.

    Furthermore, no one reproduces here.

    People here just ARE, like hammocks or ping-pong balls….

  • alex

    You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a single scene at Trader Joe’s…

  • Montragrue

    Heather, ignore all the cranky haters. There are actually two (count ’em, TWO) Craigslist “missed connections” currently posted and attributed to BH: one in a yoga studio (not sure which one); and the other in an anthropomorphic dog boutique

  • Matthew Parker

    Anyone know a local bar that will be showing the Olympic hockey matches?

  • Heather

    Thanks, @Montragrue! And @alex, I think you have a point.

  • Heightser

    Son during my snow day today I thought I would get caught up on some things at home. I called a Brooklyn office of State Farm Insurance to get a Co-op Insurance quote. We’ve had AllState for years and it seems to have gotten very expensive. Anyway, they told me that we are uninsurable because of our proximity to the water (Willow & Pierrepont). I was shocked. Anyone out there ever have this experience?

  • jorale-man

    Heather, if you find anything in your research, I’d love to know too. I’m not interested in meeting women in the produce aisle of Key Foods necessarily. But if people know about nice, welcoming spots that aren’t full of skeezy people I’m all ears!

  • Andrew Porter

    Lots of good looking people at Trader Joe’s, but of course that’s during the warmer months. I saw an Amy Winehouse look-alike there last summer, complete with the heavy makeup, 5-inch heels and silver lame clothing. I was wondering how she was going to get her groceries home wearing that outfit!

    I have been known to casually flirt with people in Key Food, but then, that’s just who I am…

  • PS 8 parent

    I’m married and not looking, but if I was, I would cruise the netbook section of JR Computer. All kinds of conversations being struck up there a couple of months ago when I was shopping for a small, cute…electronic device. Go figure.

  • Joe

    I’m married also and moved to BH to reproduce so reproduction is going on otherwise we wouldn’t see so many strollers.

    As to a singles scene for non college students, it might be difficult here in BH. For instance in my building, the only singles are senior citizens so if your in the late 20’s to 50’s you might have a better chance going on a dating site or maybe the gym. The NY Sports Club or the Equinox might be good a place to scope while you also get some exercise.

  • nabeguy

    The bread aisle at Gristedes is a good place to start…narrow, and not on on the main strip, perfect for sidewise glances as you reach for the whole wheat. But stay out of the pharmacy…that’s where the Fleet crowd hangs out.

  • nabeguy

    Ooops, a double post. You’ll find me in the pharmacy reaching for the gingko biloba.