What happend on Monroe Place?

We're looking into this from a BHB tipster:

There were about 5 police cars, one fire truck, two ambulances and a small crowd as an apparently deceased woman was removed from a building on Monroe Place at around 11 am this morning. I passed by again an hour later, and there were still 5 police cars and several detectives on cell phones standing around. Any idea what happened?

Gothamist newsmap reports that police responded to a "jumper down" call at 11:32 AM this morning. 

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  • Monroe Place

    A jumping incident may make sense…the paramedics kept running back
    and forth into the building through a side entrance, foregoing the lobby just
    before the woman was wheeled out. Maybe the woman jumped/fell into
    the courtyard or back area? There was an obviously distraught man
    speaking with the police officers out front. Pretty sad :(

  • JB

    Perhaps its the same woman that was the cause of the last monroe street incident..i
    In the spring time one weekday afternoon, the swat team, a hostage negotionation team,, a few ambulances and a buncha cops were on monroe. When I inquired, the officer said that there was an older woman who making some sorta threats and refused to leave her apt.

  • 25

    A detective said someone committed suicide from the 6th floor. Said she was depressed. I saw two cops there questioning a woman earlier (around 10 am).

  • Mark

    Just to clarify, it wasn’t a fire truck, but an FDNY paramedic who was assisting the EMTs in the ambulances. They’re painted the same color as fire officers’ vehicles, but with a caduceus on the window.

  • 1

    There are still police cars outside and i just saw a helicopter flying overhead with the search light on the street

  • bornhere

    The helicopter/police cars are in response to a Level 1 Mobilization to find a young man who is missing from/last seen at a Monroe Place residence. It seems there is a history of violence, poor mental condition, etc.

  • monroeplaceresident

    An officer on the street said it was a missing person.

  • M

    Does anyone know what happened last night on Montague St. around 5am? I woke up to what I think were around 6 or 7 gunshots, people yelling, and then the sounds of two cars speeding away.

  • BH

    I heard the same gun shot noises on Montague Street around 5am. Anyone see anything??

  • Cranky

    This woman in my building killed herself by jumping out the window. I knew her casually. She seemed like a nice, very together person. The detectives knocked on my door and asked me if I heard anything, saw anything or knew anything. I said no, why. They said you haven’t heard. I said no and they said a woman on 6 jumped out her window (she would have landed on cement). When I heard who it was, I couldn’t believe it.

    Very, very tragic. I feel so bad for her and for those left behind who loved her.

  • elizabells

    I just Googled combinations of Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, shooting, and gunshot and came up with nothing. My mad Googling skillz have failed…

  • Homer Fink

    Nothing on any police wire. Chalking this up to “not gunshots”.

  • sk

    I don’t know, they sure sounded like gunshots to me. Given the things happening on Monroe Place, I was sure it had something to do with that, but then I couldn’t find anything on the Web either. Any chance they would have been filming a movie at 5 am on a Sunday?

  • elizabells

    It’s possible, as I recall L&O filming in my old neighborhood starting before dawn, but I’d imagine that gunshot noises would just be added in post-production. I don’t think any director would let actual guns go off during filming, at least not post-Brandon Lee.

  • joe

    I heard the helicopters as well but thought it was a terror alert.

    Very sad news. I lived in a building many years ago and a woman who lived by herself and also seemed very pulled together shot herself. She was probably only in her 40s and she was a cop.

  • Stu B

    It was Monroe Place, JB, not Monroe Street…

  • Monroe

    Does anyone know which building this lady jumped off from? Was it 25 Monroe Pl?