Open Thread Wednesday 8/29/07


Summer's almost over! Sound off on these topics and more:

Crying over spoiled milk

Heights Chinese Food woes 

What's the smell? 

… and whatever else is on your mind… 

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • fishermb

    hopefully a little more action on today’s OTW.

    NYU’s building is now inhabited, have only seen a few students come in and out of building. The more I think about it, the less I mind them being here, nice to have their security guards around on the block too.

  • JL

    Wish we could say the same for Clark Street dorms (Pace, I think). I think they just got back, and so, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at the noise late last evening. Whenever I say anything to the people at the front desk in these buildings, they say to call them when it happens or call the police. (I don’t know why they just can’t walk outside anyway to tell people to quiet down and remind them that this is a residential neighborhood). Honestly, I hate sending the police to do the universities’ job, as I am sure NYPD has better things to do that scold students at the St. George. What does everyone think? (On the other hand, it isn’t the students fault that they got stuck in a dorm in a beautiful residential community).

  • Truth Williams

    Perhaps if there was a decent place to hang out on Henry Street the kids wouldn’t have to loiter.

    The doowop at the Ale House will make you a pensioner before your time.

  • Claude Scales

    They have doo-wop at the ale house? I’ll have to check this out.

  • david Natoli

    Folks…..I have been looking for an answer to this all morning on the web…nada.

    Is the Long Island Restaurant on Atlantic and Henry closed? I just moved to the hood last month and it has been shuttered since I moved in. Is it closed for the Summer maybe?

    I’m dying to find out!

  • Maroon

    Any thoughts on that NYTimes article on the faux-renaissance of Columbia Street? Some neat stores, but I don’t often think of heading down there.

  • montero

    Have you been to LI Restaurant during weekday lunchhour? While I haven’t been around during those times lately, I’ve noticed in the past that their opening was sporadic in the evenings/weekends when the hospital traffic wasn’t so high, but they would still be open for lunch during the week.

  • hoppy

    I love getting a late nightcap with my girl at HSAH. Not only is there a good draft to be selected (Stone IPA, Sixpoint Brownstone, Fullers ESB, Anchor Liberty, Reissdorf Kolsch e.g.) but the bartenders’ selection of ‘old’ music lets you mellow out and enjoy the moment. Please God don’t let college kids take over and clamor for hiphop, Bud/Corona, and SoCo with lime shots!

  • nabeguy

    Pete, the mutton-shopped bartender at the Ale House, not only plays the best of modern doo-wop, he manages a band devoted exclusivley to the genre. Check out spinning abilities and his band sometime, they’re both worth it. And please, no cute new names for the place, like the House of Doo.

  • Qfwfq

    I have to respectfully disagree about the doo-wop. I like it better when they’re playing the Miles Davis/John Coltrane. The doo-wop songs are always the same rhythm/beat, so it sounds like the same song over and over again. It grates on my nerves after a while. But the burgers, sweet potato fries, and beer keep me there.