Chinese Food Open Thread


You love Chinese food, you order it 3 times a week.  Everyone has a favorite place: Lichee Nut, Andy's, Sea Asian, Fortune House etc. What's your nabe favorite? Why?

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  • Qfwfq

    Sea Asian isn’t technically Chinese, it’s “Pan-Asian” or “Pacific Rim”. It’s great for takeout, I particularly love their Pad Thai. And 15% off until August 31st!

    Andy’s is an abomination.

  • Frances

    Andy’s has the best brown rice I’ve ever had. Sea Asian is great for filling in the paucity of Thai food in the nabe — love their lemongrass shrimp & basil broccoli (as does my dog).

    For eating in, give me Fortune House. It’s fairly quiet, the tables are set a litte more elegantly & the food is old fashioned good.

    Why is Andy’s an abomination?

  • Nigel

    Fortune House is basic and pretty good, though the dumplings are a loss. Can’t seem to find good dumplings anywhere in the nabe, actually. (And by the way, you’d think Fortune House would fix their sign, and do a renovation at some point while they’re at it.)

  • pbdotc

    i like noodle soup

  • joe

    All the chinese takeout here is horrible. I will sometimes eat at Andy’s but never with pleasure. I do like the brown rice but hardly anything else.

    Never tried sea asian. It might be just me but I get nervous buying fast food takeout on a discount.

  • astrid

    There is no good chinese food in the neighborhood, only decent chinese… and Andy’s is the best of that group, in my opinion.

  • Teddy

    All of the Chinese restaurants in the Heights fall short. If you want something better, you have to leave the neighborhood, preferably to Manhattan.

  • Frances

    So where do you guys go for great Chinese?

    I’m fond of a little dump just at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, around the corner from the Buddhist temple…

  • bhb reader

    Let’s see …. Andy’s had a live rat running through the restaurant when I was there once … and Lichee Nut’s delivery came with a cockroach RIGHT on top of my noodles …. Great Wall’s bbq sauce on their ribs is the best, but you can’t eat there …. never tried Fortune House after a friend’s poor review …. it’s truly a sad, sad state of affairs.

  • Mike

    Chance in Cobble Hill (not quite Chinese food, but fairly close and much better than anything else around) scratches the itch for Chinese when I get it.

  • Rudy

    I tried Fortune House this weekend – never again – absolutely terrible. Bland, like eating cardboard, and gristly meat. The only decent Chinese in all of South Brooklyn I’ve tasted is Empire Kitchen, but then they moved to Park Slope, and even then it wasn’t all that good.

  • Lifer

    Chance has great dumplings, but for the best Chinese, in Chinatown,the Peking Duckhouse is hands down the best in NY

  • CS

    Speaking of rats . . . . Armando’s had one in there once too.

  • GHB

    What restaurant hasn’t had a few rats in it?

  • CS

    You’re right, GHB. Most of the chicken served is RAT.

  • steve

    This thread reveals the sorry state of affairs when it comes to Chinese food in our neighborhood, and the opportunity for a good restaurant to make it big with a desparate public longing for quality cooking. I’ve been ordering from Fortune House lately just because it’s there. I noticed that Lichee Nut was closed and undergoing renovations. Perhaps they will hire a fantastic chef to work in their new state-of-the-art kitchen? The Greens is not half bad.

  • Billy Reno

    Actually Waterfront Ale house has the best dumplings. Go. Try. It will shock you!

  • littletarsier

    I agree with previous posters that Chinese food in the nabe is sorely lacking. I’ve just stopped ordering – I’ll either walk to Rice in DUMBO for Thai-esque dishes or pick a different type of cuisine. I’ve also found that the sushi choices aren’t impressive either.

  • zwoop

    Billy Reno is right, the veggie dumplings are kinda ridiculously good. Total secret, i don’t even think the staff knows they’re good.

  • GHB


  • Brooklyn Enthusiast

    We like Fortune House, but it’s certainly not the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. From Fortune House I like the fried rice and their moo shu. I prefer Asian inspired dishes from Rice.

  • Heights97

    4U: Amazing…I saw one of their cooks do the same thing. Absolutely revolting!

  • Publius

    The soup dumplings at Grand Szechuan on 24th and 9th street in Manhattan are among the best in NYC.

    For the cheapest, and some of the best food (Chinese or otherwise), check out Dumpling House on Ludlow.

  • nabeguy

    Hey, the one thing you can say about Great Wall is that the kitchen is not hidden behind one. Who the heck knows what the chefs are doing at these other places? Moo goo gai pan, indeed!

  • Nigel

    Charlie Mom in the Village rocks!

  • bornhere

    Just to add to the, uh, mix … about seven years ago we ordered in from Lichee Nut. While eating the hot and sour soup, I felt what I thought (hoped?) was a thin, longish strip of ginger. As elegantly as possible, I spit it out. It wasn’t ginger. So, bhb reader, I’ll see your cockroach and raise you a full-size Band Aid. Perhaps if it had been julienned … .

  • Noni

    Chance has the best dumplings. I would especially recommend the beef with pine nuts dumplings. Their noodle dishes are awful, though.