Rescue Me Filming Tomorrow

FX has got the movies…and knows many of them film in Brooklyn Heights. Their popular TV series about fire fighters, “Rescue Me”, will be shooting Friday through Sunday. Hopefully the only fires in the Heights will be fake this weekend.


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  • Andrew Porter

    The Clark Street 2/3 station was closed for an hour Thursday morning due to a track fire. Although the streets around it were clogged with fire trucks, no filming was involved.

  • Ben T

    Perhaps someone already posted about this but for those who remember White Collar filming around here a few months ago, the episode aired this week. Lots of shots around Borough Hall and a final sequence in front of Brooklyn Law (dressed up as a bank).

  • Ryan Gravener

    Yeah I was watching white collar and didn’t realize it was brooklyn heights until I saw the law school.

  • grrlgeniusbk

    Yep, White Collar filmed in December– the same night the season finale aired.
    I don’t know how they got all those great outdoor shots because it was a slushy mess outside.