Open Thread: New Neighbors

Flickr photo by JoelZimmer

Flickr photo by JoelZimmer

Just move to Brooklyn Heights?  Have a question about services, history or anything else?  Just want to say hello?  Comment below!

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  • Ed Munster

    Hi, My family and I just moved from L.A. about a week ago to this lovely neighborhood and everyone has been friendly and wonderful. Hoewver, we’ve been having some problems with the parking situation, can anyone recommend a good garage? We’ve parked our family “station wagon” on the street all this time and feeding those meters is a pain in the neck.

  • justaneighbor

    Hi, I’m in the Heights already and am going to be moving soon but staying local. Can anyone recommend a reliable moving company? I don’t have much furniture but what I do have, I’d like moved carefully. Thanks!

  • E G

    I don’t live in BH anymore. I lived there most of my life now I am in Manhattan – Sutton Pl. G-d, how I desperately miss my old neighborhood! Welcome to BH! Hopefully, one day soon you will welcome me back.

  • Kenji

    Hello, I’m just about to move into the Heights and my girlfriend and I can’t wait. We walked up our new street last week on our way to the restaurant and I noticed our street had gas lit street lamps. I marveled at the timeless buildings we walked by and I am looking forward to meeting some of the folks that live here. I have waited so long to live in a real “neighborhood”

    (Sorry Upper east Side, Hoboken and LIC) but we are psyched to be Brooklynites!

  • ratNYC

    Welcome Kenji. 1. Never be sorry for anyone who choses to live in Queens, uptown or anywhere in Jersey. 2. I hope you guys enjoy eating at home and are planing to have babies or retire soon.

  • Sonny

    hi. we’re actually in the same boat as justaneighbor – moving soon, but staying in the neighborhood. We called A1 Moving, Rabbit Movers (not impressed with them at all) and Santini. Would love more recommendations as well. Also, where is a good place to get empty boxes for packing? when I was growing up upstate, you could just pick up boxes from grocery stores before they were discarded. Any ideas?


  • AAR

    Liquor stores have boxes. Fresh Direct boxes flattened and bound on the street if you move fast before the dogs mark them. When I had lots of boxes and bubble wrap I listed on Craig’s List and was pleased that I was able to give them away immediately.

  • nabeguy

    Gotta go with Mo’s Moving (former Key Food manager). Can’t remember his details, but somebody surely will.

  • Montragrue

    Here’s the info for Mohammed’s man-with-van. Another reliable man-with-van option is Bobby Cruz at the UPS Store on Montague…

    Comment from No One Of Consequence
    Time: June 30, 2009, 12:13 pm

    Thanks for the hint. Found it and re-posting here as this thread is the one that comes up first in a search.

    phone numbers: 212.662.4536 and 917.721.9337. The card notes that he does moving, furniture/appliance deliveries, airport delivery, garbage removal, and move-in/move-out cleaning. (And “No move is too big or too small!”)

  • Maggie

    I used Moving Your Way when I was moving (within BH) this summer. They’re local, reasonably priced and very efficient. For boxes, Home Depot has really cheap boxes in many different sizes.

  • bornhere

    Sonny — I have 25, totally unused, ready-to-assemble moving boxes in varying sizes, which have been living in my narrow hall for about a month and which I would be happy to give away. The majority of them are somewhere in the 17x17x13 range, and perfect for books, electronics, etc., and the others are a smorgasbord of similar sizes (although one is 20x20x20). If you’d want to pick them up (I’m in the neighborhood), you are welcome to them. If you’re interested, please contact, and we can proceed from there.

  • Biff

    Kenji, I moved here in the fall and absolutely love it. After living in several Manhattan neighborhoods, the Heights is much more friendly, relaxed and diverse. Don’t let the restaurant complainers discourage you either; yes, it’s the area’s top draw but it’s very close to several good ‘hoods for excellent dining. Good luck!

  • Biff

    oops, I meant to say “it’s not the area’s top draw”… but you get the idea.

  • justaneighbor

    Thanks so much everyone!

    Bornhere, if Sonny doesn’t take all the boxes, mind if I tap you for a few?

    Ed Munster, you need to just walk the neighborhood a bit. You might be able to get a deal if you’re willing to go to Livingston or DUMBO, or even check out 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  • bornhere

    Justaneighbor — Of course! I wish there were a central place I could put them for “people on the move!” So … just follow the handy instructions about e-mailing the webmaster, and I’ll be happy to leave all/some for you. Whoever wants them, though, probably will need either a car (they get heavy/awkward in multiples) or enthusiastic friends to help with the toting.

  • jellen

    I used Top Hat Movers twice- they were really good. Fair price and they rent plastic bins which help you pack efficiently so the move goes quick. The better you pack the quicker the move goes. I left the Heights for a year and came right back, it’s the best place to live.

  • nabeguy

    BTW Homer, great thread. And to all who use it, welcome to the nabe!

  • T.K. Small

    justaneighbor & Sonny,

    Usually most moving companies will do a pretty adequate job. But my mother used to work for Padded Wagon as an estimator and I know that they are very highly regarded. If either of you have anything that is particularly valuable or terribly important, I am sure that Padded Wagon would provide an excellent move! 212-222-4880. Good luck!

  • mattthenewguy


    I am an actor new to NYC altogether. I moved to Brooklyn Heights in October, after a brief summer stay at 125th & Broadway. I work at Perelandra Natural Foods and I live on Columbia Pl. It is great here. I look forward to getting to know the place better.


  • ET

    I recently moved to BH from Seattle to go to school, and am trying to break into the babysitting scene. Any good places to post?

  • Topham Beauclerk

    To Ed Munster about a garage: I’d recommend the garage in the Ratner tower on Cadman Plaza off Pierrepont; it’s open 24 hours and there’s always a man on. The monthly fee is 365.

  • Peter

    For moving, I’ve used All-Star moving three and have been amazed at how flawlessly they were. I’ve since had 3 friends use them — all of them had great experiences.

    For boxes, Fresh Direct boxes are great but indeed, they tend to get peed on. Maybe ask the super or doorman at a few of the larger apartment buildings in the area if you can go down to the basement and take the boxes before they get set out?

    Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. ;)

  • nelson

    Dear Ed Munster
    I am preparing for a move from this wonderful neighborhood to lovely Portland Oregon. Can you recommend the movers you used from the west coast?

  • sonny

    thanks bornhere – i appreciate it. emailed the address. let me know when we can pick up if still available.

    t.k. small – called padded wagon and they are coming by for an estimate. thanks.

  • Truman Capote

    Ed Munster! Welcome to Brooklyn Heights. To answer your question: there is a garage right next to Peas & Pickles on Henry, and another down on State Street off of Hicks (*both are expensive, and often packed). It’s pretty safe to park on the street in the Heights and you only have to move your car once a week (google NYC parking rules). The biggest risk parking your car here in not from car thieves but from having your car towed if you are in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Take care!

  • nabeguy

    Truman, welcome back to BH, we’ve missed you. Your car advice is accurate, but only under the assumption that you never drive your car except to move it on alternate-side-of-the-street days. It’s when you actually want to use it that the Advil in the glove compartment comes in handy.

  • Jane

    Hi neighbors! I’m not a new resident (lived here for about 2 years now)…but I am looking for part time babysitting work. For the past 2 years I have sit for a lovely family who unfortunately moved away. I have great references, am energetic and have good rates (so I’m told). If anyone is looking for someone for a much needed date night, or just need time away on the weekends, I’d love to meet you and your kids. If interested, please email at Have a great day!

  • justaneighbor

    Thanks everyone, and thank you BornHere, I emailed you.

  • juliebee

    my husband and i have been in BH for about two months, and we love it! everything is so much more beautiful and special than in manhattan.
    here’s a question: where is the best tailor in the neighborhood?? i’m a short little thing with lot of tailoring needs!
    thanks y’all.

  • bornhere

    Sonny — I haven’t received an e-mail from the BHB webmaster with your contact information.
    Justaneighbor — I got your e-mail. If Sonny doesn’t want all the boxes, you are welcome to the whatever is left (and I have no problem holding on to them for you until you’re ready). I’ll let you know what’s going on after I hear from Sonny.