Hearse is the Word on Henry and Clark Streets in Brooklyn Heights


Photo by Maury Postal

BHB pal @mopostal sends us this photo of a hearse he says has been parked in the same spot on Henry Street near Clark Street for the last week. He ponders via Twitter:

Why has there been a hearse parked in front of the Clark St. 2/3 for the past week? It’s starting to freak me out.

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  • nabeguy

    I saw some people unloading it this evening. Fortunately, no caskets were involved.

  • tb

    Is that Clark St or Henry?

  • ls

    Henry St.

  • Teddy

    Maybe a funeral driver who lives nearby has his own vehicle in the shop and his company was kind enough to let him use a hearse to get around?

  • maryg3960

    A friend of mine in high school briefly drove a hearse — I think he got it cheaply after the funeral home got a better model — something along those lines. Maybe it belongs to a college student from the dorm who’s seen the “Twilight” movies a few too many times.

  • Publius

    Or like Claire in Six Feet Under. Though hers was lime green.

  • bklyn20

    But at least hers was in the family – and it went well with her red hair!

  • nabeguy

    Given it’s a hearse, do you think the meter has expired?

  • Andrew Porter

    A bookseller I know in Georgia uses a hearse to transport used books. It’s got a good suspension for transporting heavy loads.

    Maybe this is a replacement for the used book store on Montague?

  • Fritz

    It’s parked at a meter (in the picture) – how is it there for a week?

  • Clark Street Resident

    It’s carrying the dreams of having the Tea Lounge and Sweet Melissa in the neighborhood.

  • OMG

    Amazing really – there was a major drug bust in the middle if our nabe – cars being chased, smashing other cars, drugs being thrown and guns drawn – all within a block of two major schools – and instead of discussing drugs being dealt and dealt with in the heart of our beautiful nabe, there are scores of threads about the misuse of parking spaces and tires being stolen off cars … Don’t get it.

  • nabeguy

    Is there any evidence to support your claim that the dealers who were caught in our nabe were actually dealing drugs here? And if so, the first place I;”d be suspicious of would be the schools.

  • OMG

    No claims here – just saying this seems pretty significant and the location does make one wonder – and I guess Im amazed at the lack of interest concern and reporting…

  • bornhere

    OMG- I really don’t understand your point, but if it’s of any consolation to you, it seems this event started in the 76 Pct, with the chase ending here. Especially because no one uninvolved in this became involved, I see this as less disturbing than the crimes that occur in our neighborhood that actually affect a resident (muggings, assaults, thefts, etc.) and which do attract a lot of comments when mentioned here.

  • Homer Fink

    “OMG” – when there is evidence to support your assertion about a “drug bust” we will post about it.

  • OMG

    Homer – I was standing there watching it unfold along with a friend of mine and her children – look, u listed it as a Fender Bender on Friday but there was no follow thru which is surprising to me – ESP with the fact that this violence took place in the middle of our nabe – and guns drawn and cars crashing down the street. Bornhere you clearly have a different view of what is disturbing! You might have felt differently if it was your kids right there.

  • north heights res

    Would it really be a surprise to hear that drugs are sold in this neighborhood? Come on, people–is there ANY neighborhood in which drugs aren’t sold?

  • Homer Fink

    “OMG” the NYPD have not released info as of yet. And please don’t go there with the “if your kids were right there” nonsense. You don’t know what I or my family have been through and I’d rather not share here.

  • bornhere

    OMG- I’m NOT minimizing how scary this must have been, especially with little ones in tow; but I don’t know what the options are when a crime may have been committed and police action ensues. It would be best if were there no crime — here, or anywhere — but I don’t know what community reactions there should be about police action occurring as needed, where needed — even here.

  • travy

    i swear reading this blog makes me like the neighborhood less.

  • digby

    now on to more important (and interesting items)….

  • Ed Munster

    I don’t understand what’s all that fuss about driving a hearse. My family’s been doing it for generations.

  • Eason

    Yes, drugs have been sold in this neighborhood. More than 5 times. And i’m sorry if you feel like nobody cares, cause I’m positive this went down and it was all “what the hell! theres guns and police! That guy just threw weed out the car window! he just saw me I might get shot! oh no, I see kids! watch out Ill protect you!! Hide behind this trash can pew pew pew!!! oh I got you! no you didnt! yes I did you are dead! not-ah! yeah huh! Im telling heightsblog! go ahead!-they wont care, all they care is why that hearse is parked in front of the saint george hotel! there is a hearse in front of the saint george hotel? yeah dude there is a black hearse in front of the saint george hotel. Really?…. um…..hmm …so did they find out why there is a hearse in front of the saint george hotel?” ::cop tackles that guy

  • John Paul

    It’s only January and we already have the post of the year!!

  • Kim G.

    Parked at a meter for several days…maybe it has MD plates
    By the way, I love my ( our ) neighborhood and I enjoy the blog. Although sometimes I’m afraid after reading some of the comments…should I be more concerned about the potential threats of going out after dark or the opinions of some of my neighbors. I hope these lively discussions continue. My thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to explain some of the history and points of interest of BH with me.

  • hickster

    i love BH, but I really dislike the pretentious, judgmental and defensive thread that sometimes runs through this blog as well as behavior on the street.