P.S. 8 Helps Victims of Haiti Earthquake

P.S. 8 parents received a dispatch from Principal Seth Phillips today.  The school has raised over $2000 for relief efforts in Haiti and pledges to continue helping earthquake victims. Neighborhood residents are also urged to contribute any time (enter the school via the Hicks Street entrance).

Full memo after the jump.

Dear PS 8 Family and Friends,
Our community has once again pulled together to help families in need. With your generous contributions from the PS 8 Staff Talent Show, Bake Sale, and Loose Change Drive, our school has managed to raise funds of about $2,000 all of which will be donated to the American Red Cross for relief to Haiti.

To continue our efforts, we have spoken to the Bedford Haitian Community Center who has expressed a need for food donations. For the next week, up until Friday, January 29th, 2010 our school will be collecting your donations of food. Please donate Bottled Water, Canned Goods (soups, beans, vegetables), Dry Goods (rice & pasta) and Personal Hygiene Products (soap, shampoo, etc.). These products are the necessities that communities effected by the earthquake in Haiti so desperately need.

We ask that you please bring in any of these items and drop them off in the brown boxes located on the first floor hallway. All the boxes are labeled accordingly. Of course this goes without saying, please check the expiration date(s) on any item(s) you are contributing.

With much appreciation,

Seth Phillips

Click here to go to the American Red Cross


PS8’s got lots and lots of talent, a great sense of humor and a lot of heart…
Last Thursday’s staff talent show was an enormous success. The auditorium was packed and the staff put on an amazing show packed with incredible performances. Principal Phillips and the PS8 staff decided to donate the proceeds to the Red Cross (almost $2,000 was raised!). In a note to the performers, our drama teacher Noelle Gentile said it perfectly, “So all of your efforts in our small school in Brooklyn will hopefully make a small difference in Haiti where help is so greatly needed right now.”

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  • bklyn20

    Unlike many of the other (very helpful) Haitian relief drives, the PS 8 drive also includes canned food, packaged food and toiletries. It’s a good way to clean out the unused shampoos, etc in the bathroom, and the “canned tomatoes you never made sauce with, but are still unexpired,” from the pantry. Details are in the post above.

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com/index.php/healthcare Doug Biviano

    Bravo to Seth Phillips, the P.S. 8 staff, the parents and members of the community who participated and contributed. The P.S. 8 staff has got some serious talent. They also have a big heart. Makes me feel great as P.S. 8 parent.

    Wishing all the best to the people of Haiti,

    The Biviano’s

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com/index.php/healthcare Doug Biviano

    Miracles happen when people come together as friends to solve problems. Even in tragedy, we are witnessing a miracle with the millions of the wonderful people who are helping the people of Haiti, especially those there on the ground.

    My wife and I are watching the Haiti Relief Telethon on Fox and are donating more. Please do the same if you can.

    The Biviano’s

  • nabeguy

    The telethon was incredible. Springsteen’s rendering of “We Shall Overcome” brought tears and cheers to my eyes. Donate now!