Mr. Junkersfeld Reflects on Henry Street “Restaurant Row”

BHB contributor Karl Junkersfeld contemplates Henry Street’s “Restaurant Row” in light of the opening of Bread and Butter at 46 Henry Street.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Brooklyn Height Swine Bar? Huh?

  • Deborah

    Tell me something I don’t know.

  • AAR

    Keep these entertaining videos rolling — a lively look at our neighborhood.

  • AEB

    A swine bar would be just the thing–you could (pork) belly up to the bar, nibble some ribs, chow down on some chops, have bacon with your bacon….

    …as long as one didn’t have to go into (ham) hock for the pleasure.

    Ouch! OK, it’s 9:00 AM–cut me some…oh, never mind!

    And thanks, Karl, for the tour!

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I’ll tell you something that caught me by surprise. The time I took this video was around 6:30 on a Friday evening and which restaurant do you think was the most crowded? Look at the video, though dark, and i think it is obvious. I was very surprised, maybe shocked.

    Bread and Butter was packed. Not a table to be had whereas the other 3 restaurants had tables available which you would expect at 6:30 PM.

    Looks like the owner made a very wise business decision by partnering up with original chef and changing the menu. The fact that the chef is a partner bodes well and will stop the rotational chefs that Le Petite experienced.

    Haven’t eaten there myself but reports have been very favorable to date. We shall see if it is packed next weekend.

    Anyway, my point is that the turnout at Bread and Butter is something that many may not have anticipated. Can they follow it up? Time will tell.

  • Deborah

    The food at B&B is pretty decent. I’ve eaten there. Though I did find the pork chops rather tough, everything else is quite tasty.