City Cuts Pole Poster’s Fine

Brooklyn Heights businesswoman Susan Hager, who faced fines totaling $3K for posting bills on area lampposts,  has had those fines reduced to $75, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

Brooklyn Paper: “I’m elated,” Hager said. “As I said at my hearing [on Dec. 11], I was willing to pay for one violation. But it was unfair to give me the same ticket for all those cards in one envelope.”

Hager freely admits that she taped an envelope containing 15 business cards for her custom decks on a Court Street lamppost back in April. But Sanitation worker Sarah Leon fined Hager for each card inside the envelope, resulting in a summons for $3,000, so Hager took the fight to the Environmental Control Board.

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  • nabeguy

    I’m glad to see that a certain measure of common sense still resides in the city bureacracy, even if their math is a bit wacked. (15 cards x $75 fine = $1125)

  • Publius

    Great, now this lady knows the “cost of doing business” of her illegal and annoying “advertising”.

    I like the part where she said she was “willing” to pay the $75, but no more.

    A penalty is not about what you’re willing to pay. It’s about causing you financial pain and punishment so you don’t repeat your crime. Alas, I suspect we’ll be seeing her illegal advertising around in the future.

  • my2cents

    Next time, Guder should write his tag on business cards and just tape them up. Then everyone wins!

  • x

    She is getting FREE advertising now, ONLINE, thanks to her $75 fine