Open Thread Wednesday 1/6/10

What’s on your Happy New Year mind?
Comment away!

Photo: Applejack Old Fashioned at Jack the Horse, New Year’s Eve

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  • Jammin14

    I can’t stop thinking about the Bread and Butter post – 3 different mac and cheeses…that’s the kind of advertising that gets to me :(

    This might be worth a “free day” on this cuisine….I hope there’s a follow-up post on this…

  • AAR

    Highly recommend a trip to the TKTS booth at Metro Tech. Hardly any lines and it has everything that is available at Times Square TKTS. At 1/2 price just saw Finian’s Rainbow – luscious 40s style musical with memorable tunes/lyrics from that era — Old Devil Moon, How are Things in Glocca Morra and more. The cast is superior. Alas, it is closing in less than two weeks.

  • lcd

    Anyone out there retired or soon-to-be? Not to be presumptuous about BHB’s demographic, but I’m wondering if there are any groups in the neighborhood for us seniors (insert euphemism of your choice) to socialize, eat, walk, kibbitz, etc. Any ideas or suggestions??

  • Dave

    Happy New Year All!

    Does anyone know if there are restrictions as to when emergency vehicles can use their sirens? I live on Henry and it seems like ambulances and fire engines are always blaring sirens late at night or early in the AM.

  • Gianluca

    I’m sorry Dave but even a commercial says it:
    “If you got to go, you got to go…”
    I lived in Court Street for few years and I know exactly what you are talking about. I just moved in the same neighborhood but in a more quite street. Big difference! I’m sorry. Happy New Year!

  • Gianluca

    I did some research on upcoming restaurants especially in LA and it actually seems like a very new trend to open some kind of comfort food store and it seems like they are doing good despite the economy. I’m very surprise myself and it seems one of the reason is because it is the best food that helps to recovery from a drinking night apparently….Go figure!! This is also the reason why most of this store stays actually open until 4 o clock sometimes in Los Angeles. I don’t think they are going to do the same think here but we do have the University residence close by…

  • Billy Reno

    Roebling Inn rocks! Love that you can watch a snow storm whilst sipping a $6 hot toddy! Lots of elbow room, unlike Hank Pub.

  • AAR

    Local author and BHB contributor Frances Kuffel’s new book — Angry Fat Girls: 5 Women, 500 Pounds and a Year of Losing It…Again just published (Jan 5th) and available on or ask Book Court for it. Congratulations!

  • Fred

    Does anyone know a good tax preparator in the neighborhood?

  • nabeguy

    What’s with that photo? Is it Open Bar Wednesday as well?

  • Homer Fink

    It’s called Homer did the post from his iPhone.

  • PJL

    Does anyone have Verizon FIOS TV? How does it compare to Time Warner?


  • Hicks-ter

    FYI, I testified before a grand jury today in the “Gruder” case. The guy in charge of security for the Watchtower was also a witness, as well a guy from the management co. for the landlord of the retail space on Pineapple Walk and various residential buildings. Sounds like the defendants confessed to the cops but have not yet pled guilty. Once indicted, they’ll likely plead guilty and get community service.

  • nabeguy

    From your iPhone? Looks like you posted from Roebling’s.

  • AEB

    Only (or “only”) community service, Hicks-ter?

    I’m not an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, but somehow the willful, repeated, malicious defacing of property deserves more than this slap on the wrist (and probably of the hand that didn’t do the deed), I feel.

    But what? It’s hard to think of a punishment that would be sufficiently indelible yet not create retributive anger in the GUDER’s of this planet, thus encouraging further acting-out down the line.

    Perhaps being expelled from whatever

  • AEB

    school or college GUDER is in, in addition to community service. But that could easily lead to idleness, which could lead….


  • bklyn20

    Re: soon to be retired — try calling the Heights and Hill Community Council. There number should be listed,and their office is on Montague Street. While they do help people with difficulties a lot, and have helped relatives of mine, they also will know about senior services and activities. One thing I have heard of is a 2x-weekly bus to Fairway in Red Hook for seniors, organized by Assemblywoman Joan Millman.

    RE: Frances’ new book — Her earlier book,, “Passing for Thin” was great, so I look forward to reading her latest!

  • neighbor

    Does Roebling’s serve food? Whenever I go past, it looks empty. Is it doing OK?

  • bklyn20

    Soon to be retired — why not join a CB2 committee as a public member? (I.e., no worries about being ejected by the electeds) You can’t vote at the monthly full meetings — but you don’t have to attend them either. There are MANY active retired people on the various committees.

    Just a thought…

  • mike

    Does anyone have contact info for Henrietta and Csaba, the dog walkers? The thread on dog walkers raves about them, but no one provided their contact info. Thanks!

  • dogwalker

    Mike: Henriett and Csaba have moved out of New York City.

  • Sensei Brian

    He’s not in the neighborhood (Astoria, but location doesn’t matter since I just send him everything and we discuss via email), but I have been very pleased with my tax preparer. James Oliveri, or email

  • lcd

    bklyn 20: thanks for the suggestions. I’ll most definitely look in them.

  • bklyn20

    lcd — you’re quite welcome.

    Mike — Henriette and Csaba moved to Hawaii! I hope they got to walk Bo when the Obamas were there on Christmas
    vacation, but I think Bo stayed home ….too bad for Bo and my Hungarian/Hawaiian friends.

  • David on Middagh

    RE: Guder punishment.

    Give him community service AND a scarlet “G”.
    He should also be put in stocks at the farmer’s market so we can throw heirloom tomatoes at him.

  • nelson

    Gruder : have him sand and refinish paint on mailbox(s), etc. Physical labor should do it.

    Dog walker: I love Latayna Wilkinson…and family they are so nice and reliable.

  • Andrew

    Roebling Inn does have a small bar snack menu (cheese, meat pies, chips.)

  • Chris

    PJL, I’m in Concord Village, we were wired for FIOS over the summer, and switched from Time Warner Cable. In my opinion, both pros and cons, pros outweigh the cons. Pros: cheaper–much cheaper–than Time Warner and they say the internet is faster (jury is still out, but still fast). Also NFL Network, which is nice. Cons: no NY1, no MSNBC. The former is no big deal, the latter is annoying, but over all, in my opinion, worth the switch.

  • PJL

    Thanks, Chris. Was just about sick of Time Warner already and they’ve just raised their fees again… Will give FIOS a try.

  • bornhere

    Has anyone noticed the newly empty storefront on Montague where Hair Profiles had been? Seems the salon has moved to Remsen Street. (For the neighborhood pioneers, that’s the space that had been home to the New China Teacup.)