LPC to 73 Pineapple: This Sucks!


Ok, maybe they didn't say that exactly but the LPC did urge Rush Brook Partners to overhaul their proposal for a building on the vacant lot at 73 Pineapple:

Brownstoner: The Landmarks Preservation Commission isn’t going to give Rush Brook Partners a free pass to construct a controversial new building at 73 Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights. The LPC, which reviewed the developer’s plans yesterday but stopped short of formally voting on the proposal, “had grave reservations about the project, and LPC Chairman Robert Tierney urged the architects to restudy the project in a 'major way,'” according to LPC spokesperson Elisabeth de Bourbon.

B'stoner adds that in addition to the LPC edict yesterday and CB2's well publicized opposition, the Brooklyn Heights Association is saying they're against it as well. The BHA had previously told reporters it welcomed the idea of a "contemporary" plan for the site. 

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