Another Scoop of Rocky Road?

McBrooklyn photoMcBrooklyn reports that part of a balcony at 120 Montague Street fell off last night. Some concrete hit the ground near the outdoor seating area of Haagen Daz. Other debris lodged in a tree, which the FDNY quickly cleared.

Top Photo: BHB Photo Club pic by loriellenp

Photo(left): McBrooklyn

Update from BHB contributor/super photographer Marc Hermann:

The first-arriving fire company looked up at the gaping hole in the cornice, but had an important (and unanswered) question: "why are we not seeing a comparably sized chunk on the sidewalk?"  Personally, I saw some soil which may very well have been from a second floor windowbox, but no massive piece of fallen structure.  The verdict seemed to be that the hole was a long-standing rust-related issue.  They called in the Buildings Department, though, who didn't think it necessary to declare the block a disaster zone. 



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  • amy

    There were quite a number of firefighters on scene, but they cleared it up pretty quickly…

  • nabeguy

    Hey, I didn’t ask for sprinkles on my cone!!!WTF!!

  • jtg

    FDNY not NYFD. Come on man!

  • Homer Fink

    Awesome… I’m having a heckuva week…

  • GHB

    Speaking of falling debris, anyone know what happened to half that honey locust tree in Pierrepont playground? There was no thunderstorm, but over the weekend, a large portion of the tree fell. Luckily, the tree was pruned and saved. Same thing happened to one of the trees by the fruit street sitting area recently. Again, not a lightning strike.

  • cranberry

    Speaking of debris…has anyone walked by the gutting of the old Thai Grill on henry. That sh*t stinks so bad like moldy, mildewy, funk, I’m surprised the workers aren’t wearing Hazmat suits. Where are all the rumors about what it’s going to be…..I’m dying to know/speculate.

  • stew

    154 or 156 Monatgue Street had a piece of the Roofing fall as well. It during the last rain storm.

  • GHB

    Cranberry… yes that is some major stank comin’ out of the old Thai place! Whoever moves in, I hope they air it out good first. I feel bad for their upstairs neighbors. And their down the block neighbors…

  • nabeguy

    That’s the downside of evicting any food related business…the place gets sealed like a tomb until all the legalities are worked out. In this case, it’s been years. In fact, it’s been so long I’m surprised that any organic matter in the place hasn’t been fossilized.

  • GHB

    I miss their coconut chicken. Hopefully, we’ll get a new restaurant. Any word on either the old Bagel Lady or Palmira’s space? We’re hurtin’ for some good food and there’s all kinds of available spaces!

  • legal eagle

    I heard 111 Hicks has given up on renting the restaurant space and will be turning it into additional residential units. The only hope for that perenially doomed space was the arrival of the “boutique hotel” on Clark, which instead has turned into more dorm space. Too bad the hotel owners don’t have more vision. (Their loss, too – maybe they’d have a chance of renting out all of that retail space on Clark and on Henry/Pineapple, which has sat vacant for years.)

    The Bagelady space is more of a stumper. There’s no doubt a bar or Starbucks would be successful on that strip, although I’d prefer a regular restaurant.