Citibank “Doorman”

This from a BHB tipster:

Anyone else run into the “doorman” at Citibank on Montague this Sunday?  She was a lovely woman ranting on and on and asking for tips? Wonder if the cops ever came to take her away.

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  • spm

    I woudl call her a “Doorperson” and yes, we ran into her. Invasive and annoying – it’s interesting that Citi doesn’t have a guard in there while the small Chase ATM outside the Duane Reade has a guard in there 24/7.

  • MonagueTerraceEJT

    Yeah, she’s a fixture. Seems to be harmless.

  • Billy Reno

    She’s accepting packages for me right now. Uhh…I better go get them.

  • sheesh

    it’s nyc. and the woman is ill. what’s your issue?

  • getoverit

    you live in the wealthiest neighborhood of the wealthiest city in the wealthiest country in the world. and you’re bitching about a woman asking for some loose change?

  • Vishnu Jones

    Getoverit – In a civilized society, people should act civilized. If they cannot perhaps there is room in a sanitarium or zoo.