Who’ll Help This Bird?


On the mean streets of Brooklyn Heights only one law governs man and beast — Darwin’s. From the BHB Inbox comes this dispatch from “CF”:

This bird has been in front of 90 Pierrepont Street for 3 days now, and has what looks to be a painfully injured leg.  I feel awful seeing him every day, and have tried calling Animal Control, the Department of Environmental Conservation, and 311.  None of the organizations I’ve been in contact with will help pigeons or crows.

I know pigeons aren’t the most welcome neighborhood inhabitants, but I don’t think this bird should have to suffer like this.  If anyone knows who to contact about injured pigeons, or is an animal expert who could help this little guy, I’d greatly appreciate any assistance!

While some folks here at the BHB Metroplex lean more Pepin than Stroud, we think that our little buddy here might get more help and attention if he has a cute name.  Give us your naming suggestions below, as well as any hints on what “CF” can do to help the birdie live to see the season premiere of Anthony “I’ll Eat Anything” Bourdain’s No Reservations next week.

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  • Jay

    It is a misconception that Darwinism is survival of the fittest. His theory is about survival by evolution and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. I doubt our bird is going to put out a cup and ask for donations for his medical expenses at the Animal Rescue Center. Now that would be instant Darwinism.

  • Homer Fink

    Jay — brilliant.

  • me

    TAKE THE BIRD TO THE VET. I don’t understand how people think animals don’t suffer just like us.

  • dawn

    Can you give the bird some food? I hate to think of it just sitting there waiting for the inevitable… i agree take it to the vet.

  • CF

    I have been feeding him — don’t worry! If all else fails I suppose I’ll have to take him to the vet; I’ve just been reluctant as I am extremely busy and was worried about handling an unsanitary bird myself. My hope was that someone who was trained could handle this, but that’s looking less and less likely.

  • JL

    Perhaps contacting someone listed on these websites:

    Sorry, can’t offer any more help.

  • Anon

    Call the Humane Society (212) 752-4842 or the ASPCA (212) 876-7700
    How many people have noticed this animal and just left it there? 3 days? That is disturbing.

  • stew

    Its a pigeon…

  • lazy legs

    Don’t be a jerk, Stew.

  • bird lover

    A pigeon is nothing but a rat with wings. Do you also feed rats & roaches. They spread disease to the friendy skies. I’ll pass by tomorrow an put a bullet in him. Problem solved.

  • Sal Pasarello

    Just thought of a name for the Bird…..Rick O’Shay

  • Sal Pasarello

    2 problems solved.

  • Capulets

    This is a real love fest. Way to go BH!

  • Nigel

    CF, I’ve run into this kind of thing once or twice – it can be very sad. Usually most responses from the agencies mentioned here is that they don’t deal with pigeons, but one time some years ago I actually got a group from a sanctuary on Eastern Long Island to drive all the way in and pick up an injured bird I’d found and nurse it back to health. Wish I could remember more specifics. This might help though: http://www.nycaudubon.org/NYCASBirdWatch/HowToHandleAnAdultInjuredBird.shtml

  • redbaron

    This is very sad. I’ve also run into the same problems Nigel mentions with agencies that say they don’t pick up pigeons. Several years ago I had success with Animal Care and Control, although back then they were not under the 3-1-1 umbrella. I would try their direct line to see what they say: (212) 788 4000 (that’s the number given for both the Manhattan and Brooklyn branches).

  • nigel

    RATZ and you other haters, perhaps when you’re sick you’ll be shown the same level of compassion you’re currently displaying.

  • nabeguy

    Nigel, don’t waste your energy. There are always going to be fly-wing-pullers and BB-shooters like RATZ who are under the delusion that pigeons are the equivalent of airborne members of the Taliban, spreading their nasty avian diseases amongst the populace. However, if Hitchcock was right, they better be careful where they aim their pea-shooters, lest they piss off the wrong bird.

  • nigel

    Good point, nabeguy! Of course, if Hitch’s day does come, I hope I’m around to help any icy blondes like Tippi Hedren who might need it.

    CF, any update on the poor thing?

  • CF

    Well, last night I tried to catch the little guy to bring him to the Animal Hospital in Manhattan, the only place I can find that will accept a hurt pigeon. However, he seems to have improved enough to be VERY wily and I couldn’t catch him! If anyone has some spare time and a lot of patience, please give it a try … the Animal Hospital on 62nd & York accepts them.

    In the meantime, he’s getting bread crumbs from me…

  • nigel

    I’ll try to get over there and give it a try. In the meantime, try these sites which were referred to me
    by our neighbors in the Hillside Dog Run forums:

  • nigel

    Also try: http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/archive/index.php/f-6.html
    Google: “pigeon fancier”
    Audabon Society or Manhattan Bird Club

  • CF

    Bird update: After steady improvement he was gone today! I think he got better with food and water from helpful residents :)

  • Nigel

    That’s great CF! I went to Pierrepont on Saturday but didn’t see any sign of him.
    I hope he’s doing O.K. now. That was very cool of you to help him as you did…