Big Hole on Pineapple


Luckily it seems as though the DOT is on the case regarding this large crater on Pineapple Street between Willow and Hicks.  Someone was even kind enough to leave a six pack of brewskis for the fix it crew.

Photo by Homer Fink

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  • T.K. Small

    Great photo! There is another sinkhole at the corner of Hicks Street and Grace Court. While not quite as dramatic as this one, I reported it to 311 yesterday. Since they are in the neighborhood already, perhaps that will get fixed also.

  • nabeguy

    A man with a spray paint can does not a repair make. The DOT or some such agency marked a pothole in front of my house in the same way months ago with nary a repair in sight. I’ve resorted to filling it in with dirt bought at Loewes just to cut down on the number of thuds I hear when cars ram into it.

  • Publius

    There’s been a sinkhole with a traffic cone stuck into it on the corner of Poplar and Henry for at least a year.

  • joe

    DOT…like CON (man) ED. (Sit) On it.

  • Tim N.

    There are at least a half-dozen of these in BH right now, and I see new ones popping up (or down!) all the time. There were at least two this spring on Clark Street, and there was a nasty one farther up Pineapple that, to their credit, DOT cleared up pretty quickly.

  • nabeguy

    So the larger question may be, is the Heights turning into the Lows? What’s up with all these sinkholes? These are not just normal wear-n-tear potholes, but car-swallowing voids. Hasn’t been that rainy a spring or summer, so I doubt irt’s due to runoff. Anybody know the shape of the steam pipes that run under our little neck of the woods?

  • anon

    I believe the steam system is only in Manhattan – Brooklyn Navy Yard has a steam plant but distributes to Manhattan

    As for sinkholes they may be fixed short-term by DOT but are a DEP issue as the sewer/water pipe is probably the cause. In the 70’s and 80’s when many of these pipes were replaced the contractors were allowed to fill around the pipes with wood…as wood rots 20-25 years later it causes these voids/spaces which creates these sinkholes.

    Protocol is for DEP to come in and re-fill the underground and patch the roadway – problem is their is a backlog of over 300 sites to be fixed (2 year delay)

  • Teddy

    There are a few potholes on State St. bet. Sidney Pl. & Clinton St close to the sidewalk.

  • nabeguy

    Thanks anon for filling us in (so to speak). Sounds like I better buy some more dirt!

  • sam

    This is great. our streets are sinking.
    Who knows the giant voids that could be down there?
    The pothole on my block is fixed and re-appears. It has happened at least three times. This could be someting serious.

  • beach lady

    we are all going to die!!!!!!!!!!

  • nabeguy

    Sure, but only if it’s limited to 18 holes.

  • Stepher

    Someone has it in for Pineapple Street! Between Henry and Hicks there was a hole, that was filled, that has reappeared! Also, not to mention that disgusting building nex to 59 which is currently undergoing construction.

  • Blue Pig Doesn’t Melt

    wait, we could develop this! “charming studio, sunken living room, closee to street traffic, great ventilation..” someone call raj!

  • Blue Pig Doesn’t Melt

    wait, we could develop this! “charming studio, cozy sunken living room, close to street traffic, great ventilation..” someone call raj!