Car Break Ins Rampant?

According to the 84th Precinct's latest CompStat figures, overall crime in the area has not increased. However, while the overall number of crimes committed in the week of 7/8 – 7/15 is the same as in 2006 there was a 100% increase in felonious assault and burglaries and a 23% increase in Grand Larceny. Hardly a trend considering that we're talking numbers in the single and low two digits here.  But nevertheless the nabe zeitgeist is buzzing with a feeling that the bad guys are a little more active than usual:

Dear BHB,

I would like to inform you that my car has been broken into twice in the past week in Brooklyn Heights (Pierrepont and Willow Streets). A friend of mine also had her car broken into in the exact same fashion (small rear passenger window either smashed or pried out). Additionally, a garage attendant at the Love Lane garage has stated that several customers have complained of the same thing recently.

Perhaps you can post something – so that others can be on the lookout/ ensure they have their vehicles properly secured?

I have filed police reports, however, this type of crime prevention is not likely to be on the top of the PD's to do list (although I am in no way complaining about their response). Perhaps a posting on your cite could help in some small way.

I would appreciate it if you do not disclose my name or identity if you do decide to post something.

Thanks for your time and consideration

A concerned resident

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  • Bklyn Native

    I can anecdotally report a lot of broken card windows in the North Heights especially at the very end of Hicks Street that runs along the BQE.

  • joe

    I was walking up Willow st last week around 8:30 am and I noticed the small rear window of a car was broken into. I thought for sec it had fallen out but then I realized someone had popped it out. It was nearer to Pierrepont than clark st. From everything I’ve been hearing I heard it was happening in the north heights but someone is moving more south. What are they stealing? Baby seats and airbags? I have nothing of value in my car except for baby seat, some loose change and air bag.

  • resident

    Just saw another busted out window on Pierrepont and Hicks

  • pbdotc

    > some loose change

    big no no if you don’t want to get broken into

  • resident2

    another break in via the back passenger window last night on joralemon between hicks and henry (south bk hts). we should start some kind of a night watch. a car alarm went off but the cops didn’t come until the next day–probably because no one called it in. the non-emergency number for the bk hts cops is 718-875-6811. please use this number and remain alert especially after dark.

  • concerned

    Btw midaagh st and poplar street, i have seen numerous windows broken on henry and hicks, these streets are near cranberry and orange. I dont know what to do? Call politicians? Call the news? Have neighborhood meeting at starbucks on montague. I just dont know.

  • resident

    People don’t always file a report b/c of the potential insurance implications so perhaps the police don’t realize just how frequent these occurences are.

  • nabeguy

    Small change=small time thieves. Most likely one of the neighborhood homeless, so take your pick from the motley crew. My guess for the North end would be the guy who cadges change at the first light off the Bridge heading to the BQE. I’ve seen him lurking about the area, although never actually breaking into cars…usually just picking through garbage cans. As these break-ins sound pretty desperate, remember to not keep ANYTHING either in or out of view in your car, even if it is just small change. You can try those signs that were so ubiquitous in the 80’s like NO CHANGE or NOTHING OF VALUE, but that’s making an assumption that the theif can read.

  • nabeguy

    Sorry, make that thief. And here I am, accusing other people of illiteracy…….!! Doh, busted bad on that one.

  • Publius

    Here’s a solution to the car vandalism situation:

    Dark glasses and baseball bats. No kidding.

    Or an air rifle salt pellet in hind quarters of the miscreant who’s breaking glass and robbing cars.

    That’ll learn ’em.

  • Clyde

    “Hardly a trend considering that we’re talking numbers in the single and low two digits here. ” Yup.

    This neighborhood is a lot safer than where I went to law school, which was the only other time I’ve lived in a city. It would be a mistake to concentrate the law enforcement in this area, as opposed to places where it might be better focused on solving murders, assaults, etc. For what it’s worth, Rudy’s (and Bratton’s) broken window’s theories were actually window dressing, as cities like Vancouver that didn’t enact these policies had comparable drops in crime, so a few bits of shattered glass ain’t a return to the days of Bernie Goetz.

  • alex k

    i got broken into early november on midgawn b/w henry & c.p… how about some people who living in this area set up cameras (heck even web cams), pretty savvy people here.. i would set one up but i’m on the 28th floor so i won’t be able to see much :\

  • concerned

    clyde let me guess you dont have a car, or you have enough money to buy a new window when it breaks. can you share the wealth?

  • John

    Watch out – turns out GM car keys work in all GM cars. I thought this was a myth until I saw this: