Yassky Smackskies Ratsky

Brooklyn Heights' man in the City Council, David Yassky, delivered a veritable pile driver to Bruce "A Real Nowhere Man" Ratner this week, the Brooklyn Paper reports:

Brooklyn Paper: Yassky- Stop Ratner Gravy Train: Bruce Ratner will reap a whopping 50-percent profit on his Atlantic Yards investment, a prominent Brooklyn lawmaker charged this week as he called for an end to the massive taxpayer subsidy of the mega-development.

“Ratner is telling New York City that they anticipate to make a $650-million return on a $1.35-billion investment and that in itself shows that there is absolutely no reason for taxpayers to fund this project,” said Councilman David Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights).

Lest we think that Yassky has gone out on a limb:

Yassky’s call for an end to Ratner subsidies comes just two weeks after Mayor Bloomberg — himself a strong supporter of Atlantic Yards — finally broke with Ratner, declaring that the developer “doesn’t need” an additional special tax break handed to him by the state Assembly.

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