Open Thread Wednesday 11/11/09

Flickr photo by jglsongs

Flickr photo by jglsongs

What’s on your mind?  Comment below!

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  • PJL

    Has anyone tried Verizon FIOS TV service yet? Reviews?

    Seems like such a good deal/service compared to awful Time Warner….


  • zburch

    Whats up with Pit Stop? I heard they were changing to a ‘kid’s bistro’….

  • beth

    Is there no garbage pick-up today? How does that work on a recycling day? Does it get picked up tomorrow? Friday?

  • AAR

    Per 311 (you may want to double-check) — no pick up today. You may leave garbage out today after 4 PM for pick up that may be on the 4 P to 11 P shift. Recycle for those with Wednesday recycle can also be left out after 4 P and will be picked up. (This is a change from previous practice for recycle, which was that you had to wait for the following week.) (BTW – I called 311 earlier this week and got this very helpful information! Don’t like Bloomberg much, but love 311!)

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I now have copies of my picture books MERMAIDS ON PARADE, A CITY IS and GOOD MORNING DIGGER for sale for the holidays. I will autograph them. Please contact me through my website for more details. Thanks!

  • Jorale-man

    Does anyone know what’s happening with the renovation of the Packer School’s former church building on Clinton St? It’s completely covered in scaffolding and looks like we’re in for a serious overhaul there.

  • Eddy

    PJL, my mom got Fios and had it removed after 3 days…. less channels no better picture… so why?

  • tb

    Can anyone rec a good internist in the neighborhood?
    Looking for a new Primary doc that takes United.
    The good folks over at United have been less than helpful.

  • AEB

    Report number 2–or is it 3?–on the subject of trying to get Guder’s tags painted-over on the mail drop-off box near the SW corner of Hicks and Middagh.

    Spoke again today (call two) to Sharon, my vis-a-vis at the Cadman West PO. She had a number of calls to make in re nabe graffiti–one recent one made about defacing the box at Hicks and Pineapple–but somehow didn’t recall reporting mine. So the relevant info was exchanged again and…

    ..she said she would call the unit that handles repainting directly. I said I’d call her back in a few days.

    Call me plum silly, but my male intuition tells me that (a) Sharon is sympathetic and that (b) persistence will pay off.

    Stay tuned. If you can bear to.

  • ls

    tb – Dr. Charles Berk 718-624-6185 on Montague Street (bldg next to Chipotle).

  • tb

    Thank you ls!