CB2 Nixes One Front Dance Club License

The hot mess that is One Front Street in DUMBO has lost its bid for a cabaret license, the Brooklyn Paper reports.   A Community Board 2 committee gave the application a big thumbs down last night.

Brooklyn Heights-DUMBO Brahmin/ Brooklyn Bridge Park Coalition board member/ former Fulton Ferry Landing Association president Gary van der Putten is quoted in the report saying, ““I have lived in the neighborhood for 25 years and I have never objected to any new restaurant or establishment … But what happens is that these kinds of places get cabaret licenses then, all of a sudden, they deteriorate into clubs.”

In a blog post prior to the CB2 meeting, the FFLA reports that “over this last weekend, local Fulton Ferry residents complained about booming vibrations and shouting in the street from what appeared to be two all-night events at One Front.”

One Front owner Marcelo Pevida claimed that dancing [for the community!] would only be offered on the second floor of the venue while the first would remain dedicated to dining. Upon hearing that one DUMBO resident in attendance shouted “we don’t want to dance!”

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  • Cranberry Beret

    “[T]his last weekend, local Fulton Ferry residents complained about booming vibrations and shouting in the street….”

    They must have confused it with the never-ending construction project that’s turned Old Fulton Street into a DMZ. Honestly, I don’t know how the double-decker tour buses and wedding limo drivers are coping as they navigate their way down to Fulton Landing.

    On a more serious note – you tagged the helicopter story as part of the War on Fun?? The BHA may not win any points in the “who’s hippest” competition, but how can anyone living in the neighborhood honestly be in favor of more helicopter traffic? Especially if you’ve just stumbled into bed after a late night of dancing at 1 Front, the last thing you want to have happen is to be awakened 1-2 hours later as the tourist rides ramp up.

  • Homer Fink

    CB – it’s a war on fun, just maybe not “our” fun but definitely “fun” for our tourist friends who bring lots of money (ie Euros the king of currency) into our local economy.

  • Harry


  • Stoop Sale

    If DUMBO residents care so much about quiet, why do they live under the fricking NQ train? I can’t hear myself think just walking down the street there. Sounds like more of a “riffraff” issue than a noise issue. Maybe they should live in a “real” neighborhood like ours rather than a developer’s terrarium. :-)

  • fulton ferry res

    The location is Fulton Ferry. FULTON FERRY. Not Dumbo. And our testimony had nothing to do with not wanting to dance. It had everything to do with yelling and screaming between 3:30-4:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights, when the restaurant was rented out for events. With a legal cabaret license, this could occur every weekend, and the 200+ residents of the Eagle Warehouse and other residents on Old Fulton Street do not deserve that interruption of their sleep. There is plenty of fun to be had here without velvet ropes.

    By the way, Gary is the former President of FFLA.

  • the banned

    In my experience the community activists from Fulton ferry are demented. No wonder they have never been able to accomplish squat.

  • andy

    Have to say I kinda like 1 Front Street-good bugers and great fruit martinis. Has anyone every tried any of the restaurants they knock?

  • my2cents

    Maybe they will propose a wedding photo ban next. That would cut down the traffic by approximately 75% at the ferry.

  • Chuck B.

    I personally would welcome a well-run club/lounge with dancing. It would add a little energy to the neighborhood. People are portraying this like any cabaret license would lead to a Marquee-like zoo, but I think that’s a little bit of fear-mongering. There is plenty of middle ground.

  • nabeguy

    Maybe that ground should be in the middle of BPP. Oh, wait, too close to the brahmin.

  • Andrew Porter

    The recent posts about traffic calming here on the BHB included a link to a pdf of the actions planned, which include an extensive reworking of the streets and traffic flow along Old Fulton Street from the water up to the BQE overpass.

    The city will do what it wants. I write this knowing that shortly after the Fulton Ferry Historic District was created, the city moved in, paving over the cobblestones on the street and arbitrarily installing traffic signals, esp. the one immediately to the south of Pete’s restaurant, which have always confused east-bound drivers.