The View from France

Nabe resident and Belfast Telegraph columnist Walter Ellis is thinking of Brooklyn Heights while spending time in Brittany:

Belfast Telegraph: Why France Isn't Working: I'm told there have been blackouts in New York in recent days due to a sudden surge in demand for air conditioners. Why this doesn't happen every year, I have no idea, but it almost made me think fondly of what it must be like in Brooklyn Heights in our absence.

I can picture the mailmen and women in their shorts, mopping the sweat from their brows, and the regulars in Eamonn's on Montague Street lurching in from the Subway to demand super-chilled Buds. The benches on the Promenade will be filled with the young and the old, drinking cans of Coke as they gaze across the heat haze to Manhattan.

Here in Brittany, the near-continuous rainfall of the last month has put paid to all thoughts of coastal frolics. This morning, in search of a soldering iron and propane cylinder (with which my wife plans to engage in the construction of a 'mobile'), we ventured north, through the rain, to St Brieuc, the departmental capital of the Cotes d'Armor.


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  • Claude Scales

    The whole article is well worth reading. Thanks for the link.

  • Teddy

    I recall this being posted here last year. Still an interesting article for those who didn’t read the post last time.

  • Screech

    Ted, double your medication. This post IS the one from last year.