Open Thread Wednesday 10/21/09


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  • Robert

    That Subway on Montague is the worst. There is something wrong every time I go there. No bread, closing early, rude employees. I wish I didn’t love sandwiches as much as I do. Is there another place nearby to get a good footlong sub?

  • Harry

    Hot Bagels, of course.

  • Resident

    Any recommendations for an auto inspection near this neighborhood. I know we should avoid the station at the corner of Henry and Atlantic. Thanks.

  • Dave

    I figure im not the only one that lives in an old building with really old radiators. Does anyone have tips on how to damper the incredibly loud banging sound they make? Super says just to get used to it but this stuff is so loud the bed shakes.

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Resident, Check out New Excel at Old Fulton and Hicks. Joke is no Joke. Fair and fast.

  • Gianluca

    Does anybody know what is going to happen with the empty police departement on Poplar Street between Henry and Hicks. I was there last week and they were actually working inside to clear the space but the funny thing happened: After a couple of days I see a sign that says that the work was blocked because the workers didn’t have the permits….. It’s a police building….They didn’t have the permits??? I would love to know the story of that.

  • Gianluca

    Does anybody know where I should go to repair a bycicle around this area?

  • In the Heights

    Th banging in the radiators comes from steam build up or bad valves. Make sure that you only leave the main valve in the open poisition or the closed position – never leave it partialy open. If it is still making that noise, have a plumber come and check it out. It shouldn’t make that sound if they are function properly.

  • Publius

    @ Resident: I can second Joke, the owner (Korean name) at New Excel Motors on Old Fulton and the entrance to the BQE. Fair prices, good mechanics, quick service, no rip off.

  • AEB

    In the Heights, here’s a good and hopefully helpful read about your prob:

  • Cranberry Beret

    Anyone want to hazard a guess as to where in the neighborhood the pictures in this link were taken? I had thought Hunts Lane or Grace Court Alley but I couldn’t match it up to the pics in Google Streetview.

  • Billy Reno

    This summer I saw a darling little Apple Store in San Luis Obisbo, CA. There are many available spaces of equal or larger size right here in the nabe to open one. Here’s hoping!

  • No One Of Consequence

    There’s a Mobil station on the far side of the Flatbush Ave extension that I’ve been to several times for car inspection. The ONLY way to get there is to be heading towards the city, so turn onto Flatbush from Atlantic Ave, then it will be on your right.

  • since47

    I second (or third) Excel on Hicks and Old Fulton!

  • Resident

    Thanks for the quick responses to the “inspection” request. Excel seems to be a great choice.

  • nabeguy

    Joke does Excel-lent work. You won’t be sorry.

  • x

    Cool.. matt damon starting at the same spot where we took our wedding photos!

  • PJL

    Highly recommend Joke as well. Can anyone recommend a local place to have a car detailed/waxed?


  • AAR

    Servicing Cars – Check out David at Urban Classics – they do inspection and excellent maintenance. (For quick inspection including Sundays, Mobil on Flatbush is good)

    Bicycle Repair – Try the shop on Atlantic Avenue across from Brooklyn House of Detention. I have gone to them for years and always satisfied.

    Radiators – Banging can also be caused by not periodically draining out excess water from the boiler, which we do in our old house and it reduces banging. Our plumber also told us to leave valves totally opened or closed to avoid problems inlcuding leaks.

  • anon

    Sorry a bit late–maybe this is worthy of a new post. Is the $40 charge for the Packer Pumpkin Patch worth it? I know its a fundraiser, but is there enough to do for a 3 yr old? Is it $40/parent, too?

  • promenade

    Packer Pumpkin Patch is so much fun – and your 3 year old (about the age when I started taking my oldest) will love it – as long as the weather is nice, their garden is filled with age appropriate booths (decorate an apple, spin art, fish for coins, sand art, etc). The upper gym and outside inflatables might be too much for them though….there is even a preschool haunted house (totally not scary although it is dark, and the little kids love going through it themselves while you watch from above)….all to say, yes, worth it – don’t remember the costs involved, but it is for a wrist band so your kids can do as much as they want – you can also just get tickets to do a few things.

  • anon

    Thanks promenade for the glowing recommendation-I took Mrs. Anon and the two anon-ettes to the Packer Pumpkin Patch. Weather was great and there were lots of activities for 3 year olds both inside and out (I have no idea what they would’ve done if it had rained). My only complaint was the $40 pay one price was a bit high, but it is a fundraiser. The benefit is unlimited activities and the ride operators gave a longer go at it than the usual quick street fair ride. Also, there is a special place in Hell for the person who moved all the kid paintings from the drying rack–we put them in a particular place to dry and they all look alike when placed in a large pile (even with names written on the back).
    Plus, the school looks fabulous on the inside. The cafeteria is very Hogwarts-like.