Time Warner Offering Faster Web Access Next Month

According to the Time Warner NYC website,  faster internet service is on its way to Brooklyn Heights. Starting November 15th customers will be able to access “continuous download speeds of up to 50 Mbps” for a mere $99/month.  [via dslreports]

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  • B

    I recenly switched to Fios and couldn’t be happier. Faster Internet, Higher quality HD tv, multi-room DVRs, more channels, clear phone service, amazing customer service, and it’s cheaper too. I know I sound like a walking commercial, but I don’t know anyone who’s upset they made the switch to Fios. I don’t miss Time Warner at all.

  • Bongo

    LOL. When TWC can get my cable TV to work properly, then I’ll consider this. Where’s my FIOS? Can’t wait to switch.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    Does anyone have any idea when FIOS will be available in Brooklyn Heights? Screw TWC, give me the fiiiber.

  • x

    how much is Fios for internet/HD TV?

    I am switching my TV from SD DirectV to Time Warner HD real soon.

  • nabeguy

    When TW gets their service people to work at 50 mpbs, then I’ll be happy.

  • Monty

    @Qfwfq, it is already available in the nabe. At this point it is up to individual buildings to get the wiring into each apartment. Some folks have it already. My building is supposed to be wired within the next year. I want a TV/Internet package (no phone), but it seems like that option is not offered on the web site. They also charge a lot for an HD-DVR compared to TW.

  • B

    Don’t know the pricing for just internet and tv. I also got phone (unlimited local and long distance). And I’m in Brooklyn Heights – like Monty said, much of the neighborhood has fiber. It just needs to be connected to buildings.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    Then my next question is: Is it up to each building to request to be connected, or does each building have to wait for verizon to contact them? Because if it’s the building’s responsibility, I know what I’m bringing up at the next coop board meeting…

  • epc

    My information is from last year, but what I was told was that VZ will notify a building that FIOS is available and that the building will need respond with a plan for allowing Verizon to “wire” the building. It isn’t as straightforward as just replacing the copper wires with fiber optics. Depending on the layout and number of units of the building, Verizon will need to place one or more boxes to concentrate the fiber optic lines.

    In buildings where there’s a telco panel on each floor, some space will be needed from somewhere for these boxes (which may or may not need to be on each floor, depending on # of units). In buildings with actual telco/electrical closets on each floor there should be enough space in the closet for the new box.

    Something to keep in mind: Verizon typically rips out the existing copper cabling once FIOS is installed (both to drive people to FIOS, but also to cut the maintenance cost of maintaining the copper infrastructure, panels & boxes, etc). The direct implication of this is that anyone using DSL will lose it as you cannot run DSL over fiber. While FIOS is “better” than DSL, DSL provides the ability to run stuff from home (depending on the provider).

    Again, this is from last year so take it with a packet of salt.