What’s Nextsky for Yassky

The Brooklyn Eagle’s Sam Newhouse looks into what’s next for our soon-to-be former City Council Member David Yassky, who lost his bid for NYC Comptroller last month.  Will Yassky return to teaching at Brooklyn Law School:

Brooklyn Eagle: “He loved teaching and he’s been very clear about that,” said Danny Kanner, a Yassky spokesman. “He’s going to be spending the rest of his City Council term representing the 33rd district to the best of his ability, and then he’ll decide what he’s doing next.”

Yassky, who has represented Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO in the City Council since 2002, left his professorship after four years of teaching.

“He’s welcome to apply for a faculty appointment,” said Brooklyn Law School Dean Joan Wexler. “[When] he was here, he was great.”

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  • Steven Hart

    With any luck, Mr. Yassky will return to serving the narrow interests he favors from closer quarters and at less expense to the public. I am sure developers need lawyers. Do they in fact need anyone else? Your blog omits that Mr. Yassky also represented Boerum Hill, but then, Mr. Yassky omitted that from his agenda too so it’s not surprising you did not realize that. I wonder how many other areas he ignored from the august view of the City Council?

  • Jazz

    Genius the excerpt from the eagle omit boerum hill… Are you off your meds again?