Splitting Hairs Over Parking Tickets

Today's Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports on the increase in parking tickets in the Heights:

Brooklyn Eagle: Downtown Parking Blitz: According to Judy Stanton, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, the problem is that “generally in Downtown Brooklyn and in the areas around it, there is a tremendous amount of parking pressure. Incidents of illegal parking occur more here.”

She added that because of the amount of illegal parking, more traffic agents patrol the area, which is why more tickets are issued.

Leslie Lewis, president of the 84th Precinct Community Council, agrees, saying the reason is “because there are cars in violation. There are narrow streets and not much parking.” He added that he thinks the tickets have nothing to do with the wealth in the area, that the traffic agents are just doing their jobs: “These people’s job is to give summonses to illegally parked cars.”

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  • Sam

    Brooklyn Heights is hardly the only neighborhood in Brooklyn with a lot of cars. But it is the neighborhood with the most tickets. I was helping a friend make a delivery a few weeks ago. It was a heavy item. In the literally three minutes it took us to get into the brownstone, a metermaid was giving us a ticket. Three minutes. They target the Heights. Ms. Stanton is in La-La-land with all due respect.

  • yo

    bullshit….cough cough….bullshit

  • JamieP

    I’m fine with fining cars parked illegally. It’s happened to me. I’ve moved on with my life.

    What KILLS me is all these cars with these bs permits in their windows parked all over town. There’s a doctor who lives in 160 Henry — or someone with MD plates — and I see his/her teenage daughter always pulling up and parking illegally on Henry or Pierrepont and hauling in bags from Bloomingdales. Ugh. Makes me want to kill someone.

  • Sam

    There is a judge on my block who parks his BMW on the wrong side of the street 24/7.
    A judge!
    So much for equal protection.

  • Lisa

    How about getting a ticket when you are opening your trunk, I saw it happen. It is insane around here. I don’t understand what they want us to do if we are.. moving something, putting packages away, or packing the car for a weekend trip(I got a ticket this way).

  • Sam

    The ticket blitz is insane. If you ask the people at the Brooklyn Heights Association, their attitude is that there are not enough tickets being issued. They would like to see DOT give more tickets. These people are so crusty they should be in cold storage.

  • Homer Fink

    I’m doing a story for the Bpaper about the situation on Pierrepont. Email me if you have any info. thanks.