Mr. Junkersfeld at the Atlantic Antic

While the BHB team was holding down the fort… errr tent… the Atlantic Antic, Karl Junkersfeld hit the avenue and brought back not one but two video reports including a tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Pier 6 video after the jump.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    If you have the time to watch video, please clic on YouTube icon on bottom right to watch it on big screen otherwise it defeats the purpose.


    Karl Junkersfeld


    Brooklyn really turned out for this event and it makes it all the more clear that Manhattan cannot compete with Brooklyn when it comes time to throw a party that involves community participation.

    Brooklyn is fantastic.

  • anon


    Great video. I very much appreciated the use of the landscape architect drawings to highlight what the guide said and showed during the tour. It made everything seem real.

    Prior opening predictions were late 2009, but I read something that now indicates early 2010. Any update from the guide as to park’s actual opening date?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    They mentioned that they were on schedule.

    One point that was interesting, though, was they said that ongoing financing would be from revenue sources such as concessions and One Brooklyn Bridge. As I am sure you are well aware, 1BB is having major problem getting people to pay $600+ psf for an apartment. This price is a major reduction from the initial $900-$1000 psf and still sales are nonexistent. You got to wonder how an empty building will finance anything. Now if it goes affordable, like the Forte near BAM, all bets are off.