Atlantic Antics


What’s your favorite Atlantic Antic?  Mine is Eddie Kochak and The Amer-Abic Ensemble and the exotic,  sexy, belly dancers.  This is Ahlan.  Eddie is at the corner of Clinton and Atlantic every single year.  And every year, the music and the dancing draw huge crowds.  Although I must say I missed the male belly-dancer.  Bring him back wherever he is.  And also sign me up for lessons.  Next year I may be up on that stage.  I also like the four dudes who play the greatest hits from the 1960’s and 1970’s in front of the fish and chips shop, I love the jewelry, the food, the human mosaic, but mostly I love the belly dancers.

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  • X-heights

    This is Jayda not Ahlan.

  • LA Slugocki

    My apologies. I copied the line-up incorrectly.