Road Work Finished on Livingston Street


Last night’s disruptive road repair work on Livingston Street may have kept a few of our readers up, but the Department of Transportation promises the worst is behind us.

The DOT said today that all road work had been completed on Livingston Street. And although road work will continue on Schermerhorn Street until Friday, the work will all be east of Court Street.

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  • nabeguy

    All right!! Everybody, go back to sleep now.

  • sue

    And what about the outrageous noises coming out of the courthouse last night. I am sure Judge Dearie slept a few blocks away but what about the rest of us. Like 1000 families in Concord Village. Most of the judges live in the historic district so they are getting sleep. While the rest of us strugge though this awful process. LETS PLEASE HEAR FROM OUR CONGRESSMAN tOWNS’ OFFICE..

  • skunky


    this isn’t a federal case. Congressman Towns isn’t even the congressman for Livingston st.

    City council is probably more appropriate contact. Yassky, but he’s too busy campaigning for higher office.