Terror on Livingston Street – Will It Return Tonight?

This just in from the BHB Inbox:

I live in Livingston at Clinton, and we are right now waiting for a dreadful night of road work, just like the one we had 10 days ago, when the pavement of Livingston was scraped out (by the loudest machines you can imagine) between 9pm and 4am. Yes, that’s 4 in the morning. The guys working the machines said they had the permits, and the police and the people on the phones in 311 seemed to agree. But that Friday, around midnight, two dozen neighbors were on the street on the verge of a riot. We’ll see what happens tonight. (We know it’s tonight because of the “No parking” signs, not because anybody in the city told us anything. Their official explanation is that Livingston –and Schemerchorn, they are doing the same thing to them– are “emergency and heavy traffic” streets, or something like that, so they have to work on them at night. But of course, the first block of both streets (ours) is purely residential and not very busy.

I’ll keep you posted. Last week, despite the hell of the cranes, it was fun to be on the street among our pajama-clad neighbors.

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  • matt

    The headlines on this weblog leave a lot to be desired. Pro tip: stop trying so hard to be clever, it’s not really working.

  • skunky

    matt – great comment. the comments here leave a lot to be desired. pro tip: stop trying to be so critical, and start your own blog if you don’t like the headlines.

    the noise from this tearing up of the street in a residential neighborhood was atrocious. it also happened on Schermerhorn.

  • XYZ

    Get over the noise. We all have gone through it once every other year when “our” street is being redone.

  • sue

    I live in Concord Village and was just awoken by noise coming out of the federal building renovation (internal). Despite assurances that the work would stop by 9pm the contactors and subcontractors do not listen to the overall coodinator and don’t give a dam about us sleeping.
    The stuff going out of the building could be toxic for all we know. This is outrageous and has been going on for weeks

  • Jorale-man

    The street work on Livingston has been keeping me up for the past couple hours. It’s definitely a nuisance to be doing this in a residential area at night. Why not the daytime? Just block off the street for the day? I know city living comes with these sorts of things but this is a bit much

  • velvetflip

    It happens. It sucks. It’s NYC. Shite happens. Try living in the North Heights area when they are doing maintenance to the BQE. Not fun.

  • velvetflip

    Oh and by the way, as for the title of the article, yeah, I thought I was going to read about a violent crime in the neighborhood. Definitely misleading.

  • Meenoush

    I live on Livingston street and totally agree that the night road work with 3am jackhammering is totally unexceptable. There is no reason why this work can’t be done during the say. We pay a lot to live in a neighborhood that is supposed to be quiet, residential and family oriented. When the construction started again late last night, I had to flee the house and stay over at a friends house just so that I could get a decent enough sleep and be able to function today.

  • Drew

    lol, I love the image of cranky people in pajamas rioting on Livingston. No such gatherings occurred on Schermerhorn last week or last night, sadly.

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    I love the headline.

  • yo

    it sucks, but livingston is a really busy street and the work must be done at night, like it is for all busy streets and highways…

    that being said, my problem with this type of work is that they never seem to “hammer it out” as quickly as they should….just look at the work being done down on Tillary by the Manhattan bridge that has closed down a lane for weeks for no reason, backing traffic up like crazy during the morning commute….

  • BH Resident

    They did this on Joralemon Street last year. It sucked! Nothing better than an awake 3 year-old at 3 a.m. Sadly, there is nothing that anyone can do.

  • alex

    I’m all for quirky headlines, but “terror”? Really?

  • GHB

    “jackhammering is totally unexceptable”

    MEENOUSH, Is that even a word?

  • Bob

    Right spirit. Wrong word. Being woken up by morons or anything else in the middle of the night is enraging, but “terror” is a word we might want to little more careful with these days. (I’m just sayin’….)

    C’est La Vie.

  • nabeguy

    Seems like this headline woke up more people than the jackhammers.

  • The Where

    I have the waaaaaaamublance ready for those of you who don’t like the deadline.

  • Livingston resident

    The work on Livingston Street last night and last week was unnecessary at the hours being done, and a big disturbance to residents. I live in the block between Clinton and Court…it is a quiet one way street, and there is no reason why this work couldn’t have been done during the day. Furthermore, the DEP was of no help when many residents called to complain at 2am one night last week. The noise was way beyond the allowable decibal rating of 10 per the DEP operator (it measured 50 from our 5th floor apartment), but there was nothing that could be done to stop it.

    Whoever granted permits for this work between the hours of 9pm-6am should lose their job. I understand road work needs to be done. The reality is residential blocks can be closed during the day. It’s much less of an inconvenience than losing 2 nights of sleep in 9 days.

    I am so glad the work is finished…now all the neighbors on this block can get some much needed rest.