9/11/01 Plus 8 Open Thread

Flickr photo by wilsonworld

Flickr photo by wilsonworld

I’ve never been one to drink before noon, but at 10:28 am on Tuesday 9/11/01 I did.  That’s when the North Tower collapsed and the enormous tragedy of that day sunk in.

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  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Beautiful photo… I hope they have the lights every 9/11 as it’s a fitting and wonderful memorial.

  • John


    It’s cloudy down here, on this solemn day,
    Yet we’re all drawn to come….to sit…..to pray.

    I stand here next to this very sacred plot,
    Where once you all stood on this very spot.

    Those swirling clouds have returned to remind us of that dark day,
    When a beautiful blue Fall sky suddenly turned to gray.

    So down you all came, if only one by one,
    In shock and horror we watched in the light of such a bright sun.

    But then there you went…. so high above those clouds,
    Soaring higher and higher up to God’s Heavenly mound!

    Oh! Our hearts feel so heavy….at time with such despair,
    But it’s your happy joyful memories that wipe away our tears.

    Ah! But wait! Look! Look right over there!
    We’ve turned on those lights that cut the dark lonely night air.

    There they shine so tall with such glorious strong bright light,
    Cutting through those swirling clouds long into the night.

    You see we put them on each year for one simple little goal,
    That God may let us have one more glimpse
    Of your precious soaring soul.