52 Sidney Place Reno: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Architects

Contractor/developer Ben Weiner tells the Brooklyn Eagle that his reno of 52 Sidney Place will be a work of “art” for the owners and he’s doing it without an architect:

Brooklyn Eagle:  “With all due respect to architects, you don’t always need one,” he said. “Everyone told me, ‘you can’t do it without an architect.’ But you can. The truth is, all you need is an engineer’s stamp.”

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  • nabeguy

    Hmmm, I wonder of the DOB inspectors read the Eagle.

  • Jazz

    No one reads the Eagle, except for Homer. DOB most certainly reads this blog.

  • tb

    Is this similar the idea that all you need to be a good designer is photoshop?

  • Adam G

    Nothing could /possibly/ go wrong.

  • PhilB

    Another bonus to NOT using an architect – less things go wrong!

  • cat

    “Another bonus to NOT using an architect – less things go wrong!”

    That would be FEWER things to go wrong. Sorry, pet peeve.

  • http://onsitedoors.com Cyrus

    I am a contractor and also a custom door manufacturer
    in many cases when it comes to renovatuions, architects are just headache and extra expense
    in my case
    In my case since I have construction engineering and interior design background and know most codes and standards in most cases I draw and have the Architect finalize & submit for building department
    specially because of the fact, most architects have only academic education and not enough practical construction skills
    when it comes to classic and historical renovation they really suck

  • my2cents

    Architects only design a small fraction of the buildings/houses put up in the US. Most are designed by builders and engineers.
    That is part of the reason why most new houses and small buildings are so lame.

  • The Where

    Anyone who has used the bathrooms at Lobo on Court St knows the consequences of builder hubris