Open Thread Wednesday 8/26/09

Flickr photo by necksersize

Flickr photo by necksersize

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  • EAC

    Do police officers regularly drive up the Promenade? I was there last night and saw 2 police cars drive up.

  • Homer Fink

    “HDEB” has posted this elsewhere, off topic, I’ve moved it here.
    Off Topic:
    Saw something in the neighborhood I haven’t seen before. In the gutter on the southwest corner of Middagh and Cadman Plaza West. They have been there since at least Wednesday afternoon and were still there this morning.

    Two used needles!

  • aaron

    Can anyone suggest a good place to get my tux pressed? I’m getting married in 11 days (woohooo!!) and would like to get it pressed for the big day. We’ve had some pretty bad experiences at most local places.

    For example, we thought that Golden Hangers on Clark St did everything on premise–woops, they don’t and what they sent out got ruined.

    Looking for *the most* reliable place in the heights. Any suggestions?

  • brooklynite

    They are great. They were able to get out a red wine stain from a cream colored peacoat. Not really in the Heights but close enough. Plus it is better to go to a place you can trust. I HIGHLY recommend them for things that need to be dealt with extra care.

  • Jazz

    Is the NY Landmarks Conservancy legit?

  • my2cents

    I got a parking ticket on Hicks near cranberry this morning. I had called 311 last night and asked if the alternate side parking was still suspended. They said it was, so i didn’t move my car this morning, yet all the other people on the block seem to have moved theirs and I got a ticket. What gives??

  • Cranberry Beret

    That street is technically not street-cleaning alternate-side parking. It’s a one-day-a-week no parking no zone. See this link at and the pictures:

    Relevant excerpt is:
    “The changes do not affect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. parking rules or meter regulations, or any other parking rules that are not street cleaning regulations, such as one-day-per-week No Parking restrictions common to Brooklyn Heights (see below).”

  • my2cents

    Damn technicalities get me every time!

  • Anoneemus

    my2cents-fight the ticket either online or in person and the fine will get reduced. The NYTimes had an article on this in the last few months.

  • Jenissa Wilson

    it’s actually necksercise. I took the picture.

  • mhon

    Speaking of parking tickets… I got a parking ticket where the sign said “no parking 4PM – 7PM” I assumed that meant I could park starting at 7PM. But I got a ticket that was issued exactly at 7PM! I plan to dispute the ticket. Any ideas on how I should word my defense?

  • joe

    Whats with all the mosquitoes biting in broad daylight. I got 10 bites yesterday. These are like mutant ninja mosquitoes.

  • mhon

    Those darn mosquitoes can bite through clothes.. I received several bites on my legs and nether regions while wearing pants on several occassions!

  • aaron

    thanks for the suggestion.

    any other rec’s for a super reliable dry cleaner to get my tux pressed at??

  • Deus

    mosquitoes: it’s probably a combination of the crazy amount of rain we’ve had and the white-nose syndrome devastating the bat population.

  • nabeguy

    Asian tiger mosquito. Nasty little blighters. NYT had a piece on them last week…they can grow an entire colony in the water of a bottle cap. And, as Joe has pointed out, they don’t limit they’re feeding times to dawn and dusk but will bite throughout the day.

  • Wallard

    Aaron, I think the tailor on Henry St. in the St. George might press clothes there on site.

  • Sticky

    Coleman Cleaners does good work. They are on Hicks.

  • alex

    If I showed up at Movies with a View at Brooklyn Bridge Park just before dusk, would I be able to find a seat with a view of the screen?

  • cat

    Do the sycamore trees always start losing their leaves this early? I feel like fall is coming too fast.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I had the same thought today, cat. Weird sight, all the piles of dried out leaves. I thought I had just lost touch with nature’s rhythms by spending too much time indoors playing Wii Sports but maybe I’m not crazy after all.

  • peter piper



  • Ramona Quimby

    I think I may have lost my keys this morning on the promenade, or on Orange St. If anyone found them, please let me know.

  • Andrew Porter

    The NY Landmarks Conservancy is Real. As opposed to being a front for Donald Trump or Ratner.

    The trees that lose their leaves every August are the London Plane trees, and they do so because of a fungus which attacks the leaves. All the extra rain this year likely helped the fungus in its devouring the leaves. At least we don’t have any Waterfalls to contend with, this summer!

    EAC, police cars often drive up the Promenade, but always in the evenings. I have no idea why. They’ve been doing this for decades.