Wood House

BHB Photo Club pic by CB Photography via Flickr 

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  • Leslie

    Where is this house located?

  • http://www.selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    From the look of it, I’d say either Bayou la Batre, Louisiana or Willow Place.

  • CB Photography

    Willow Place is the right answer, just north of State Street.

  • Just me

    thanks for the chuckle, Claude ;)

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    My pleasure. BTW, I should have checked Google before I posted. Bayou la Batre is in Alabama, not Louisiana.

  • Jen

    What is the story with this house? Does anyone know?

  • http://www.selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Clay Lancaster’s Old Brooklyn Heights describes the row of colonnaded houses at 43-49 Willow Place as follows:

    “2-storied brick row houses having continuous colossal-order portico with square wooden posts supporting deep entablature, porch floor only a step above ground level; Greek Revival, doorways without enframements, recessed pilasters flanking doors bear plain architraves; 1846 city directory lists No. 43 (near State) Charles A.H. Brown (No. 41 in 1847 directory), and No. 45 (near State) John Bayard, merchant (No. 43 in 1847 directory); No. 47 in 1847 directory (No. 45) William Tester; and No. 49 in 1848 directory (No. 47) Moses O. Allen, accountant; this group is the last surviving colonnade row on Brooklyn Heights.”

  • CB Photography

    This house is across the street from the colonnaded row Claude is describing above (which is a beautiful grouping of houses). This one is next to a really modern building, making for a striking juxtaposition. I can’t really tell if it’s inhabited or not, but I would love to see the interior. Maybe next year’s BH House Tour?

  • http://www.selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Lancaster has this to say about 42 and 46 Willow Place, which are opposite the colonnaded row:

    “Survivors of a row of four houses matching No. 43 group opposite: No. 42 listed in 1849 city directory (No. 40) Bernhard Westerman, bookseller; No. 46 in 1851 directory (No. 44) Jacob Wyckoff, merchant; No. 46 in poor repair; No. 42 has modern front added.”

    So the photo is evidently No. 46, described by Lancaster in 1961 as “in poor repair”. I trust it’s been fixed up since.

  • dd

    Hello, I believe an elderly woman lives there. We saw her the other day. How can we access the city register? My great grandparents lived on both Joralemon and Willow and I’d like to figure out when they lived there? Any suggestions would be helpful.