DWIs Spike Up – Reality or Bored Cops?

Today's NY Sun has a story about DWI arrests increasing significantly in NYC's most affluent neightborhoods, including Brooklyn Heights. Critics claim the rise has more to do with the decline of serious crimes, resulting in cops with lots of time on their hands: 

NY Sun: See Rise in DWI Arrests: Arrests on charges of driving while intoxicated have risen sharply this year in some of the city's most affluent neighborhoods, including the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, and Brooklyn Heights, according to police department statistics.

Compared with the same period last year, arrests on the Upper West Side have more than doubled, rising to 41 from 17; nearly doubled in Brooklyn Heights, to 45 from 23, and jumped by about 70%, to 47 from 28, in the 19th Precinct, which encompasses most of the Upper East Side, according to the statistics.

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  • CMC

    1. How are DWI’s not serious crimes?
    2. Good, I’m glad rates are up. I’m sure there are the same amount of people driving drunk – it’s just now more of them are getting caught for it.
    3. From the posts the last few months it sounds like crime is still alive and well in the North Heights…

  • spm

    Was it a DUI who careened up the sidewalk on Montague Street in front of Teresa’s?

  • http://none average jose

    I was at Irene Dinov last Friday and overheard some hairdressers saying that one of their co-workers was the driver in the Teresa’s incident! One was (only half-kiddingly) saying that she’s convinced that the accident happened because woman was putting on make-up while driving.