Rage Against the SUV


BHB tipster "RP" sent in these photos of a harmless looking SUV parked on Willow Street between Pierrepont and Clark today. However underneath its hood, according to one outraged neighbor, lives an out of control car alarm.

The carefully written detailed note left stuck onto the driver's side door reads:


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  • Just me

    For the record, that detailed note is written on a sticker which is adhered to the driver’s door just below the window! Yikes.

  • anon

    I found your posting interesting with the inherent pro-car perspective that pervades our society

    there are no “harmless” SUVs – they overpollute the environment and are not necessary especially in dense city such as NYC and the heights

  • cellphoneman

    Anon – please adjust your tinfoil hat, it’s on a little tight.

  • MBF

    That’s awesome. A few years ago I lived in a complex where for like a week this one car’s alarm kept going off, I thought about smashing the window with a bat, but couldn’t go through with it. I’d love to see this person rip that thing apart just for shits and giggles

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.

    It’s stuck on? I suppose that’s vandalism. I think if you call 311 or the 8-4 they will come and give the guy a ticket.

    Still, can’t defend and SUV with a car alarm going all the time. As a matter of fact, I think I heard this, maybe last evening?

  • anon

    Isnt it possible that someone is setting the car alarm off? A thief pulling on handles, looking for open doors, or some such?

  • jeffk

    If that’s the one with the really loud alarm and the voice that says “Burglary!” then I don’t blame them for the sticker. I hear that thing all the time, and it drives me absolutely nuts.

  • yo

    If the alarm is too sensitive, something as innocuous as a car going past it too fast will set it off.

    When I lived on Clinton St., there was a car whose alarm would go off for hours on end for that very reason. Finally, in a sleep-deprived rage, I called 311 to complain. I was transferred to 911 (yikes) and filed a report. Of course, by the time the cops showed up (they called 2 hours later) the culprit had moved his car.

    p.s. if you’re stupid enough to think that an alarm on your car will prevent it from being stolen, you haven’t been in NYC long enough…..

  • crabby

    Why wait? Do it now. The car and owner deserve this and more.

  • Augustine

    Something tells me that breaking into the car will not result in less car alarm.

  • bongo

    years ago, in the East Village, an alarm started at about 9pm on a Friday and was still going early Saturday morning. Then, at about 9am it stopped. I went to the market and on the way saw that the car had been dawbed in paintstripper, glue, and paper and had a rather nasty note attached. On my way back from the market, I was fortunate enough to witness the bemused owners of the car discover the scene. One of them exclaimed “Why would anyone do such a thing?”. I told them, I was only sorry I’d been beaten to the punch.

  • Marco

    It seems to be that car owners are the only ones that don’t actually here their own alarms. With parking so scarce in New York it is not often that a person is parking in front of their own home. In fact they may end up living nowhere near where they leave their car at all. To yo’s point, car alarms have become an indelible part of the city’s soundscape – no one bats an eye when they hear it going off and would only applaud a thief who successfully quieted the thing.

  • joe

    I’m amused that the person took so much care to print the message on a label.

    I heard that same car alarm go off the other night 1/2 a block away. Luckily my bedroom faces the garden and not the street. I have to say I rarely hear a car alarm go off in this area. Unlike my old upper, upper east side neighborhood.

  • r

    i heard that alarm. i live on willow street and it was a nightmare. it began at about 8pm and then went off every hour until about 11PM. at that time, it began to go off every 30 seconds to 15 minutes until i was able to fall asleep at about 2 AM. it was like a never ending bad nightmare. someone told me i should have called 311 but the insane noise was clouding my judgement.